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Memes of the Week: Pride Hyperinflation

Memes of the Week: Pride Hyperinflation


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While Biden-triggered inflation leaves gas tanks empty, it at least leaves El American’s Best Memes of the Week section full, which also brings other topics: gun control by Democrats, Pride empathy and the transgender offensive that doubles down during the month of June.

The best memes on inflation

Inflation is so ridiculously high, and the Democrats’ proposed countermeasures are so absurd and counterproductive, that one can only laugh about it. While it’s getting harder and harder to keep the tank and pantry full, at least we have no shortage of memes. For now.

The best memes on gun control

Democrats are still hell-bent on demolishing the Second Amendment, and they’re putting their media apparatus into high gear. The latest to join the show is actor Matthew McConaughey, who has read the Democrat script verbatim. Oscar-worthy.

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Source: The Right to Bear Memes

The best memes on Pride Month

With gun control, progressivism wants to appear very concerned about children. But their real concern for children is especially evident during June, gay — and now transgender — pride month. In recent months, a number of events have come to light where children have been exposed to sexual content. Until now we thought this was done in secrecy from parents, but it seems that indoctrination has also taken its toll on the minds of some parents, who take their own children to this type of show.

In June there is a sort of hyperinflation of gay things that now also affects children. At least laughter serves as a catharsis in the face of the terrible state of things.

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Source: Reddit

Otros de los mejores memes de la semana

“Attendance of Cuba and Venezuela to the Summit of the Americas. / U.S.-Cuba flights back on track and lifting of oil sanctions on Venezuela.”