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Memorial Day and the Ignorance of Kamala Harris

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For those who are part of a military family is a time when we remember our fallen friends and family. For most Americans, it is common sense, but after this weekend’s tweet from Kamala Harris on Twitter, the outrage from the veteran community and patriotic Americans is everywhere, and rightfully so. 

To those of us with common sense and an understanding of our nation’s history, this weekend is not about barbecues, beach days, or beers with the buddies. It seems that Kamala’s press team missed that memo. Some may ask, “well why is this a big deal?  She simply said enjoy the long weekend.” Well, it’s because Kamala Harris is not just a private citizen, but the sitting Vice President.

Harris is supposed to be representing the United States on a world stage as well Harris is the second in command under the president himself. Common sense would say that maybe, just maybe, she could say something about the sacrifice of our veterans and particularly the fallen on this holiday weekend. 

It is all too often that those in “public service” who are “elected” by the people forget what exactly it is that they are supposed to do. She would be the prime example and while our friends are killed, our families are torn apart, and we struggle to keep our friends alive who are still fighting the horrors of PTSD, she posts a selfie. 

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So, today, please take a second to remember our fallen. If you have friends or family serving, call them and tell them you love them. Ask them if they’re okay and thank them because right now, our military is not getting the respect or support they deserve on this “long weekend.” 

For Kamala, it is just a long weekend. For a family or friend who has lost a loved one, it’s quite the opposite of a holiday. It’s the hardest day of the year and anyone who truly respects the sacrifice of our veterans would understand that. 

Anna Paulina is Chief Correspondent for El American English. Prior to joining the organization in 2021, she worked as Hispanic Outreach Director for Turning Point USA and a producer for the PragerU series Americanos. She is also the host of Luna Talks on iHeart Radio. // Anna Paulina es la corresponsal en Jefe de El American en inglés. Antes de sumarse al equipo en 2021, trabajó en Turning Point USA. También produjo la serie Americanos para Prager U. Es la host de Luna Talks en iHeartRadio.