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‘Mexico City Is Sick of AMLO’s Schemes’: América Rangel

Ciudad de México está harta del obradorismo: América Rangel

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El American interviewed América Rangel, deputy of the National Action Party in Mexico City and one of the main opposition voices in the country’s capital. Her parliamentary work and political positions have attracted the ire of Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of the CDMX and possible presidential candidate of the ruling party in 2024.

Rangel explains that she is being persecuted by the city government, which intends to censor and sanction her to prevent her from competing in the 2024 elections, in retaliation for her critical position regarding multiple bad decisions of the Sheinbaum administration. Among them, she denounces the electoral use of social programs and the importation of alleged Cuban doctors, which Rangel described as an indoctrination strategy by the regime of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

We also talked with Rangel about the processes for “gender-based political violence” and the risk that this type of instruments are used to punish those who criticize female governors (in this case Claudia Sheinbaum), not for being women, but for making inadequate decisions in the exercise of their public office.

América Rangel explains that Mexico City is fed up with Obradorism

Congresswoman Rangel points out that 2024—when the government of Mexico City will be completely renewed—will be a crucial year for the capital. She explains that the opposition has a very good chance of taking it away from the ruling party because the inhabitants of the city are fed up with the bad results of the political group that, for more than two decades, has controlled CDMX and that at the time turned the capital into the great bastion of the project headed by AMLO.

In any case, times of change are coming for Mexico’s largest city, from where AMLO built the project that took him to the Presidency and where the opposition could achieve its greatest triumph in the years to come.

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