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Mexico Rejects AMLO’S Admiration for Cuba: An Interview with América Rangel

The congresswoman from the National Action Party (PAN) has launched a formidable campaign to raise awareness of the brutalities of the communist regime in Havana and has singled out the Mexican president for his dishonorable conduct.

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The Cuban dictator’s visit to Mexico has prompted a great controversy. Díaz Canel’s presence is only half of it. The conduct of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and his statements of reverence towards Cuban communism has left many in shock. Mexican society, for the most part, has felt insulted and has demonstrated a general rejection for both, the state visit by the head of a sixty-two-year-old Marxist-Leninist dictatorship, and the pronouncements of apologia by AMLO.

The fact that this all occurred on the day Mexico celebrates its 211th independence anniversary, in an official national holiday and celebration, is abominable, as judged by international reactions, but especially by Mexicans themselves.

El American had the opportunity to interview congresswoman America Rangel Lorenzana from the National Action Party (PAN), Mexico’s conservative party founded in 1938. The congresswoman representing Mexico City has launched a formidable campaign to raise awareness of the brutalities of the communist regime in Havana and has singled out the Mexican president for his dishonorable conduct. This, Rangel believes, is unbecoming of a head of state in a republic.

Involving herself in politics since she was 15 years old, the very qualified Mexico City representative demonstrates that she is assuredly up for the fight and defend her country from socialism. Rangel’s work has demonstrated that. First, by getting involved in the intricacies of the PAN where she was instrumental in guiding the party’s platform and principles. Since 2018, she has taken the good fight to Congress, as one of its members.

This is no easy task for any conservative, given leftism’s penetration of big urban areas. Nonetheless, Rangel, by making use of her degrees in international relations, public administration, and commerce, has become very popular among a large segment of Mexican society, that go beyond her territorial base. The common-sense approach of highlighting freedom, property, individual initiative, and conservative values has earned the 37-year-old PAN leader, a relevant place in Mexican politics.

Rangel could not be at a better place, in a more important time. With AMLO and his MORENA Party scrambling to dismantle democratic institutions and positioning themselves to annihilate the Mexican Republic and promote continental socialism, at Communist Cuba’s instructions, the Mexican opposition and society in general, must be up for the fight. This is why the work of this energetic PAN member of Congress, is so valuable.  

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