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MI Representative Jewell Jones Threatens Police Officers after DUI Arrest

Rep. Jewell Jones was arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest and possession of a weapon while intoxicated

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Michigan Democratic State Representative Jewell Jones was recently arrested while intoxicated. Jones threatened to use his relationship with Governor Gretchen Whitmer against the officers who pulled him over.

According to footage from the Michigan State Police, the state Democratic representative was driving under the influence when he was pulled over. In the video, Jones can be seen resisting arrest by arguing that he “handles the budget” of the officers.

Rep. Jewell Jones, who was arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest and possession of a weapon while intoxicated, assured the officers that they would regret arresting him.

“I’m calling Governor Whitmer right now,” he shouted threateningly as he was held on the ground by officers.

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In the footage, Jones was aggressive with police and resisted arrest after causing an accident. (YouTube)

Before being restrained, Jones refused to give his driver’s license and identification.

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In the footage released by the police, the Democratic representative can be heard shouting “I’ll call Gretchen [the governor]. I need your IDs, badge numbers; everything,” Jones demanded to no avail. “I work with the police. Don’t f*ck with me.” Already in police custody, the Democrat refused medical attention.

Other reports claim Jewell Jones had his pants down when he was stopped by police.

According to the Michigan Republican Party, Jones was “holding the woman” near the passenger door. The woman’s pants “were down” as she vomited and Jewell Jones’s pants “were partially down.”

In 2017, Jewell Jones became the youngest state representative to be elected and in 2018 co-sponsored a bill declaring April 24 as “Distracted Driving Awareness Day.”

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