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This Florida City Just Signed A Historic Trade Agreement with Madrid

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Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, reached a commercial and cultural agreement with Mayor of Miami Daniella Levine Cava. In addition, Díaz Ayuso received the keys to the American city and took the opportunity to defend the political model she is promoting in the Spanish capital, which is based on freedom.

“We don’t seek social chaos to make use of it, as is increasingly happening all over the world (…) We do not pit the public sector against the private sector, workers against entrepreneurs, men against women or the rich against those who have fewer resources,” Díaz Ayuso said in a statement reported by the EFE news agency.

The text, according to the official website of the Government of the Community of Madrid, “establishes, in addition to good practices, artistic and educational exchanges between both regions. It also contemplates the economic and tourist growth of both regions through programs, activities, and transactions in trade and business.”

The EFE news agency reported that “Díaz Ayuso took advantage of the meeting with investors and businessmen to announce the ‘Madrid Nuevo Norte’ project, the largest urban development in Southern Europe. It is a project that will channel 25,000 million dollars of private investment and will generate 35,000 jobs in the heart of Madrid with offices and housing that will be delivered starting in 2026.”

The president of the Community of Madrid described her trip as successful and stated that more than 20 businessmen are interested in bringing their business proposals to Madrid, as well as their assets, and generating new jobs in the city.

“We have publicized the Festival de la Hispanidad to be held in Madrid between October 4 and 12, and it has had a great reception from all the people who move the industry, music, and all the business here in Miami. We have been with different investors who are interested in bringing their proposals to Madrid.”

Díaz Ayuso also highlighted the ties that unite both cities, which he considers “enormous.” “We have a very similar way of working, of seeing life around miscegenation, culture, fusion, freedom, and employment. And what has surprised me, above all, is the number of citizens who are interested in Madrid, either because they have their families, or they have projects, or they want to take them with them. Madrid has become a fashionable place, above all others, and it is surprising the image it projects.”

“Today two fertile lands for the seed of freedom are twinned (…) We are places open to the world, enriched by miscegenation and that joy that we must never stop claiming,” Díaz Ayuso concluded.

Williams Perdomo es periodista y escritor, especializado en las fuentes Política y Cultura.

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