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Miami Announces ‘Bitcoin 2022,’ History’s Largest Cryptocurrency Conference

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BTC Media, organizer of the largest Bitcoin conference in the world has released details about the expanded 2022 version of the event, which will be held April 6th-9th in Miami.

At last year’s conference, despite the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic more than 12,000 attendees came to Miami to participate in the event, and organizers expect Bitcoin 2022 to host more than 30,000 bitcoiners from around the world and millions of people who will be able to tune in to the live stream in multiple languages.

The four-day event will feature an industry day, two days of general conference and a one-day “Sound Money Fest” music festival.

The event will bring together founders, senior executives, bitcoin experts and Miami attendees who will attend panels and discussions, networking events, live performances, entertainment and giveaways.

Bitcoin Industry Day 2022 on April 6 will be the place where the Bitcoin ecosystem converges with finance, financial technologies and energy infrastructure, and will include content and networking topics specific to institutional finance, institutional bitcoin mining and Bitcoin technical development. That day will host more than 6,000 global industry leaders, 80 speakers, 4,000 companies and a day of presentations that will serve as a platform for the next generation of Bitcoin companies.

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Tickets on sale

Tickets are on sale now, with three levels of access announced: General Admission (April 7-9), Industry Pass (April 6-9) and Whale Pass (April 6-9).

The Whale Pass is the most exclusive ticket for the event, as it allows VIP access for all four days of the conference and includes premium food and beverage, exclusive networking opportunities, exclusive transportation and concierge services, front row seating and access to Whale Night parties.

Whale passes for Bitcoin 2021 sold out after topping out at $21,000 per ticket. The organizers are also offering free and subsidized tickets to Bitcoin open source contributors and students. More details are coming soon.

“At Bitcoin 2021, we booed, we cheered, we laughed and we cried,” said BTC Media CEO and event organizer David Bailey. “The conference ran the emotional gamut, and our 2022 pilgrimage will do the same. This conference is going to capture the world’s attention. We’re going to show them what freedom, sovereignty and prosperity really mean. Get your tickets today, and we’ll see you in Miami.”