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Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Martinez to Turn Himself in for Alleged Corruption, Local 10 says

Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Martinez to turn himself in for alleged corruption, Local 10 says

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Joe Martinez, a Miami-Dade County commissioner, will reportedly turn himself into authorities in the coming days in a case tying him to a possible corruption scheme, according to Local 10 News on Monday.

The media, citing law enforcement sources, identifies the suspect as Joe Martinez, a former law enforcement officer who is running for Miami-Dade County Sheriff in the upcoming election.

The investigation into this possible public corruption scheme, details of which are not disclosed, reportedly began years ago and is nearing completion with Martinez’s voluntary appearance before the Miami-Dade District Attorney’s Office, which may occur as early as this week.

The information indicates that Martinez has served two legislative terms in Miami-Dade County.

Local 10 News released a statement from the official’s attorney stating that state prosecutor Katherine Fernandez ordered Martinez to turn himself in this week based on allegations from his professional work as a consultant in private business.

The lawyer notes that the allegations would not directly involve Commissioner Martinez as a public official, raising questions about the political fallout since he is a leading candidate for Miami-Dade County sheriff.

According to the local blog Cortadito, Martinez has served as chairman and vice-chairman of the Miami-Dade County Budget, Planning, and Sustainability Committee.

Hired as a police officer in 1984 in Miami-Dade, Martinez served as a detective in the General Investigations Unit from 1988 to 1992, eventually reaching the rank of lieutenant.

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