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French Philosopher Michel Foucault Accused of Raping Children in Tunisia

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Michel Foucault, a reference for woke ideology and postmodernity, has been accused of being a “pedophile rapist”, according to a recent report.

Information obtained by The Sunday Times from Professor Guy Sorman, a contemporary of the French philosopher has revealed Foucault’s behavior during his stay in Tunisia, where he lived in 1969.

Sorman recounted that “little children would run after him saying ‘what about me? take me, take me’.”

“They were eight, nine, ten years old,” the professor commented. Sorman recalls that Foucault would throw money at them and tell them to meet at “the usual place” at 10 p.m. “The usual place,” the professor confesses. The usual place, confesses the contemporary with the philosopher, was “the tombstones.” The question of consent was not even raised,” he added.

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Foucault considered necessary the elimination of sexual differences between children and adults as a form of liberation. (Jacobin)

In Sorman’s view, Foucault was able to get away with it in Tunisia because of a kind of “white imperialism.” “[He] wouldn’t have dared to do it in France… There is a colonial dimension to this,” the professor said.

Sorman regrets not having made these accusations public, but he also asserted that the mainstream media played a perverse role in these terrible events. The media, he said, covered up for the philosopher: “There were journalists present on that trip, there were many witnesses, but no one did stories like that in those days. Foucault was the philosopher-king. He is like our god in France.”

The professor asserted that this behavior of the late philosopher was not supported by his Marxist and postmodern ideas, but by a marked French elitism that, in Foucault’s view, gave him a free pass. [He] “believed that there were two morals, one for the elite and one for the people, which should be restrictive.” “He thought his arguments gave him permission to do whatever he wanted.”

Foucault and sex with minors

Foucault defended sex with children. For him “to assume that a child is incapable of explaining what happened and was incapable of giving his consent are two abuses that are intolerable, quite unacceptable.”

The pioneer of queer and trans theories within postmodernism defended pedophilia (El Mundo)

Foucault defended “consensual” sex between adults and minors and pedophilia, considering them signs of liberation; this practice was also defended by Jean-Paul Sartre and his couple and also philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

A letter delivered to the French Parliament, signed by philosophers such as Louis Althusser, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Foucault himself, demands the recognition of a possible consent in the child, and highlights the alleged “inconsistency” of the law in authorizing the sexual life of minors among themselves, but not between an adult and a minor.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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  1. The damage that this postmodernist, nihilist pervert has done to Western society cannot be overstated. His crimes should be widely known!

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