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Michigan National Guard Members Fall Sick After Receiving Raw Food on Capitol Hill

The condition of the food has raised concerns among National Guard members.

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Michigan National Guard soldiers defending the Capitol have fallen ill after consuming undercooked food with metal shavings, a sergeant reported to WXYZ.

At least 74 meals were found to contain completely raw meat on Sunday, and on Monday, soldiers found metal shavings.

According to the soldier’s testimony, troops have had to buy food with their own money because they don’t want to get sick.

“Morale is very bad. Many have served overseas and can’t believe the quality of the food they are given here,” the soldier complained.

On Monday, the Michigan National Guard, which has 1,000 soldiers at the Capitol, issued a statement calling the soldiers’ reports regarding the food “very troubling and unacceptable.”

Michigan House members sent a letter on Tuesday calling for a new food supplier to be found.

“It is completely unacceptable that our men and women serving in Washington, D.C., are being hospitalized because of the food provided to them,” the lawmakers wrote.

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Comida Guardia Nacional
Food received by the National Guard. (Screenshot Andrew LaCombe)

Lt. Col. Robert N. Tallista acknowledged on Wednesday that about 50 National Guard members have been treated for “gastrointestinal distress,” but said none were hospitalized.

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