Mid-Week Update

Mid-Week Update #2: The Biggest Stories of the Week

This is the second publication of El American’s Mid-Week Update, where you have a review of the biggest news stories of the week, Priscila Guinovart briefly reviews the most striking details of the last few days in the United States and the world.

Border crisis escalates, undermining Democratic unity

The crisis at the southern border of the United States escalated this week when members of the Border Patrol were photographed whipping Haitian migrants attempting to enter the country irregularly.

Democratic Representative Maxine Waters referred to the event as a “setback of hundreds of years” in the history against racism.

Although White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki referred to the situation as “horrific,” the number of deportations from the United States to Haiti increased amid a political and economic crisis in the Caribbean country.

Biden’s diplomatic representative in Haiti abruptly resigned last week in the face of what he considered “inhumane and counterproductive deportations.”

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Gabby Petito case: search continues for Brian Laudrie

Last Tuesday, authorities confirmed that the lifeless body of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito was found in a Wyoming national park, who had been reported missing by her family on September 11.

Petito had gone on a holiday trip with his partner, Brian Laundrie, who returned home without his fiancée, disappearing days later.

Florida authorities continue to search for the whereabouts of Laundrie, who has also become a person of interest to the FBI.

First UN meeting since the beginning of the pandemic

Representatives of the United Nations met in New York for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic last year.

During the meeting, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres criticized billionaires who “travel into space while millions on Earth go hungry.”

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was forced to eat a pizza on the street because he was banned from restaurants in New York for not having been vaccinated.

Chinese giant Evergrande in financial crisis

Chinese real estate giant Evergrande said it is under tremendous financial pressure and will probably not be able to take care of its huge $300 billion debt.

Evergrande, which relied on presales to finance itself and keep its business afloat, has at least 1,300 projects around China.

The company had to dispose of properties with increasing discounts, and last week the Shanghai stock exchange halted trading for Evergrande’s May 2023 bond after it fell more than 30%.

The awkward meeting between Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

President Joe Biden met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the White House on September 22.

Biden took the opportunity to downplay the possibility of a new post-Brexit trade deal between the United States and the United Kingdom.

The US administration’s latest blunder took place when Biden refused to answer questions from journalists while Johnson took questions from British journalists.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed Johnson for the misunderstanding for not giving advance notice of his intentions to answer questions.

European Union to force standardization of chargers

The European Union submitted a proposal to force technology manufacturers to create a universal charger solution for cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, headsets and game consoles, putting pressure on Apple in its insistence on presenting an iPhone-only design.

The rule would force the standardization of USB-C type chargers for all devices offered for sale in the EU, which would be a threat to innovation for Apple.

IRSEM warns about China’s impact on the world

The Strategic Research Institute of the French Military School published a 650-page study in which it warns that Beijing’s institutions, actions and plans seek to manipulate opinion in the West. IRSEM also warned that China’s methods increasingly resemble those of Moscow.

Angela Merkel bids farewell to politics

After 16 years of service, Angela Merkel said goodbye to politics in Germany, as she will soon leave the Chancellery.

Once the most powerful woman in the world, she will leave a void that will be difficult to fill in a transformed Europe, facing division and a new migration crisis after the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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