Mid-Week Update: Inflación, dictadura en Nicaragua, decisión de Biden sobre Huawei y más

Mid-Week Update: Inflation, Nicaragua’s Dictatorship, Biden’s Decision on Huawei and More

This week, Priscila Guinovart also tells us about the historic resolution passed in China that consolidates Xi Jinping’s power.

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El American’s Mid-Week Update continues to refresh the most relevant news of each week. In this ninth episode, Priscila Guinovart talks about inflation, the dictatorship in Nicaragua and Biden’s decision to prevent licenses for Huawei, a company considered a threat to the country’s security.

This edition details that the annual inflation rate has reached its highest level in more than three decades, at 6.2%, bolstered by a rapid rise in the cost of fuel and food. Although the FED insists that the phenomenon is transitory, different economists maintain that there is more inflation to come, as more problems in the supply chain are expected.

The Mid-Week Update: Biden and Daniel Ortega

In Nicaragua, dictator Daniel Ortega extended his regime last Sunday, November 7 in unopposed elections. In the face of the situation, the community has condemned the socialist regime and demanded free elections.

President Joe Biden signed a bill on Thursday to prevent companies such as Huawei —considered a security threat— from receiving new equipment licenses from U.S. regulators.

This is just a summary of this week’s highlights in El American. For more and to see the rest, you can visit our YouTube channel. Remember that every week there is a new installment of Mid-Week Update with the most relevant news of the last few days.

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