Mike Pompeo on Maduro Henchman Alex Saab: ‘He’s Not a Diplomat, He’s a Criminal’

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo celebrated the extadition of Colombian businessman and Maduro henchman Alex Saab, who arrived in the U.S. to face trial this weekend.

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Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State said this Sunday that Alex Saab, Colombian businessman extradited to the US accused of money laundering, is not a diplomat, as assured by the regime of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

“Alex Saab—one of Maduro’s henchmen, money launderers & drug traffickers—was extradited to the US. Saab isn’t a diplomat. He’s a criminal & must certainly know where the money is & more,” Pompeo said on Twitter.

Cabo Verde is a democracy, says Mike Pompeo

Pompeo stressed that Cape Verde remains a full democracy and has an independent judiciary. “Cape Verde has again demonstrated that it remains a true democracy and has an independent judiciary. Good for them and the region.”

Over the weekend, Saab was extradited to the United States. He was flown in a Department of Justice aircraft which, according to El Tiempo, was the Gulfstream G550 aircraft with registration number N708JH.

The decision of the Cape Verdean justice system was supported by different political leaders around the world. For example, Colombian President Iván Duque described it as a “triumph” against drug trafficking and money laundering.

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