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Minute by Minute: Ukraine Resists and Russia Intensifies Attacks amid ‘Dialogue’

Minuto a minuto: Ucrania resiste y Rusia intensifica ataques en medio de "diálogo"

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Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to intensify attacks against Ukraine in his attempts to invade and end the democratic government of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Putin has fired missiles, sent cluster bombs, paratroopers, and thousands of Russian soldiers to attack the Ukrainian people under the mission to take over Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital; meanwhile, the Ukrainians have resisted to the point where some experts claim that Putin is the one losing the battle.

Western countries and NATO members listened to the requests of the Ukrainian president and in addition to intensifying personal and economic sanctions against Russia, ordered the sending of humanitarian, technical, and military assistance for the defense of Ukraine.

While Russia attacks military and civilian infrastructure, killing thousands of Russian citizens, including children, a dialogue between the two governments to negotiate has begun. The talks started on Monday and are taking place at the Ukrainian border with Belarus, a country that also decided to join in attacking Kyiv.

Minute by Minute: Russia Invades Ukraine

8:25 PM (ET) March 3: Andrey Tuz says there is no threat of radiation spread.

8:20 PM (ET) March 3: Andrey Tuz, spokesman of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant says to the Ukrainian TV that the reactor on fire after the Russian attack is not operating, but has nuclear fuel inside.

7:40 PM (ET) March 3: Minister of Foreign Relations of Ukraine says the Russian army is shooting on the Nuclear Power Plant of Zaporizhzhia. “Fire has already broke out. if it blows up, it will be 10 times larger than Chernobyl! Russians must IMMEDIATELY cease the fire, allow firefighters, establish a security zone!”

7:25 PM (ET) March 3: The nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhya in Kyiv is in flames after russian bombing, reports say. The power plant has six nuclear reactors and is the biggest in Europe

12:35 PM (ET) March 3: It is reported that Ukraine and Russia have reached an agreement on joint provisions for humanitarian corridors for evacuating civilians, a ceasefire would be declared.

12:11 PM (ET) March 3: Zelensky said, in a press conference, that he believes Putin will not stop until he gets to Berlin, made another call for establishing a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

11:44 AM (ET) March 3: Ukrainian civilians blocked a road to prevent Russian troops to reach the Enerhodar nuclear power plant, located in the South of Ukraine

11:29 AM (ET) March 3: Blinken travels to Belgium, Poland, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to “underscore our solidarity and determination to hold the Russian and Belarusian governments accountable for their brutal war against Ukraine.”

11:02 AM (ET) March 3: Ukrainian Parliament approves the mobilization of reservists and a “military package”

10:53 AM (ET) March 3: If Ukraine falls, the Baltic states are next, warns Zelensky

10:42 AM (ET) March 3: Russian troops shot and flooded a Panamanian ship, according to the Ukrainian Parliament.

100:28 AM (ET) March 3: A new round of talks between Russia and Ukraine begin today. The agenda: immediate ceasefire, Armistice, and humanitarian corridors for the withdrawal of civilians from towns and cities destroyed or in the line of fire.

10:17 AM (ET) March 3: The EU will provide an additional 1.2 billion euros to Ukraine.

10:15 AM (ET) March 3: Ukraine offers a free hotline for psychological help to victims of the Russian invasion.

10:08 AM (ET) March 3: Wax statue of Vladimir Putin is removed from a Parisian museum

9:58 AM (ET) March 3: “Any movement of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus will be dangerously provocative and will further destabilize the region. We call on Belarus to reject Russia’s policies of nuclear threat and intimidation.” said Aud-Frances McKernan, the American envoy to the Disarmament Conference.

9:53 AM (ET) March 3: Emmanuel Macron thinks “the worst is yet to come” in the Ukrainian-Russian War. Putin will want to complete his objective in Ukraine despite the sanctions.

9:44 AM (ET) March 3: An Estonian commercial ship sunk near the port of Odessa, possibly after hitting a naval mine.

9:29 AM (ET) March 3: Moldova prepares to defend itself amid prospects of being Russia’s next target

9:19 AM (ET), March 3: Spain will send the first shipment of offensive weapons to Ukraine

9:04 AM (ET) March 3: Ukraine reiterates the call for foreign citizens to join the war against Russia.

9:00 AM (ET) March 3: The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces says: “We are now moving from the defense mode to the counteroffensive mode.”

10:10 pm (ET), March 2: The UN refugee agency reports that approximately 1 million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began.

More than half of the Ukrainian refugees fled to Poland. More than 100,000 went to Hungary, according to UN data.

Source: United Nations (screenshot)
Minute by Minute: Ukraine Resists and Russia Intensifies Attacks amid 'Dialogue'
Medyka (Poland, 28/02/2022. Hundreds of Ukrainians wait for the bus after crossing the border into Poland. Very long lines have been reported to cross the border line.

9:30 pm (ET), March 2: Today The New York Times published a report revealing that China asked Russia to hold off on the invasion until after the Olympics.

“A Western intelligence report indicates that Chinese officials had some level of direct knowledge of President Vladimir V. Putin’s war plans or intentions,” read the Times story.

9:22 pm (ET), March 2: Images of Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Las impactantes imágenes de la guerra en Ucrania
A Ukrainian woman and her child flee the war in her country through the Korczowa border crossing.
Minuto a minuto: Ucrania resiste y Rusia intensifica ataques en medio de "diálogo"
Image from L’viv, where entire families, mostly women and children, can be seen walking to the Polish-Ukrainian border to leave their country. (EFE)

7:12 PM (ET), Wednesday, March 2: Air attacks are reported in Kyiv. Numerous explosions were heard near the Druzhby Narodiv metro station in Kyiv, and also two loud explosions in the center of the capital.

6:46 PM (ET), Wednesday, March 2: The European Union excludes seven Russian banks of the SWIFT system, giving them 10 working days to end their operations.

Seven financial entities have until the 12 of March to close their operations in SWIFT. The measure is one of the strongest sanctions the West has taken against Russia, after its invasion of Ukraine. However, the European Union sanctions left out the banks related to the energy industry

6:00 PM (ET) Wednesday, March 2: The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court opens an investigation over potential “war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide committed in any part of the Ukrainian territory” from the 21 of November of 2013 onwards.

The prosecutor Karim A.A: Khan QC said the investigation is opened after the requests sent by 39 countries.

“As I proceed to discharge my responsibilities, I will seek to engage with all relevant stakeholders and parties to the conflict, ensuring that investigations by my Office are conducted objectively and independently, with full respect for the principle of complementarity.” the prosecutor said in a press release.

5:02 PM (ET) Wednesday, march 2: The Special Operation Forces of Ukraine have warned that they will kill Russian artillery soldiers captured in response to the “brutal bombing” of civilians and cities.


4:55 PM (ET), Wednesday, March 2: The United States has delivered “hundreds” of Stinger anti-air missiles to Ukraine this week, according to reports.

2:50 PM (ET) Wednesday, March 2: Germany delivers 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 FIM-92 Stingers to Ukraine.

2:40 PM (ET) Wednesday, March 2: Is COnfirmed that Russian forces have captured Kherson, the first strategically important Ukrainian city they have captured in their campaign. The mayor of the city met with the Russian military chief who will administrate the area.

1:20 PM (ET) Wednesday, March 2: Roman Abramovich, Russian billionaire, announced he will sell Chelsea Football Club and will donate the profits to charities benefitting “all the victims of the war in Ukraine.”

12:20 PM (ET) Wednesday, March 2: American officials say that Russia has increased its attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure. Up to 450 missiles have been launched against Ukrainian targets, Reuters reports.

11:52 AM (ET) Wednesday, March 2: Russian Defense Ministry admits that almost 500 Russian soldiers have been killed in the first week of the war, while 1,597 have been wounded.

11:25 AM (ET) Wednesday, March 2: Ukrainian armed forces informed they liberated Makariv, an area nearby Kyiv

10:35 AM (ET) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that the actions of Russia in Ukraine are “war crimes”

“What we have seen already from Vladimir Putin’s regime is the use of munitions that they have been dropping on innocent civilians,” Prime Minister Johnson said in the House of Commons.

9:30 am (ET), update on the most important events during the night of March 2.

In Kyiv it is, right now, 4:30 pm, and fighting is reported between Russian and Ukrainian forces across the length and breadth of Ukrainian territory. The second round of peace talks between the parties should begin today.

According to a CNN report, the Russian army is making advances in key cities in southern Ukraine, in fact, Russia claimed that its troops managed to take the city of Kherson in its entirety, after an intense siege that included heavy shelling. However, Ukraine denied Russia’s statement, arguing that “some parts are under our control.”

Another city that was heavily impacted was Mariupol, where shelling left dozens wounded, according to the mayor, who also reported that they suffered a 14-hour continuous attack and had their water supply cut off. While the city is not yet taken by Russia, CNN said that “Russian troops and Russian-backed separatists have surrounded the city on three sides.”

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second most populous and important city, was also terribly affected by Russian shelling. The attacks have intensified in this city which is one of the crown jewels in this invasion. Bombs fell throughout the night and morning on the historic center and downtown residential areas. “This is a war crime,” according to some analysts.

Beyond the battle: in geopolitical terms, a worrisome statement by Russian authorities occurred. Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov said that President Joe Biden knows that the only alternative to sanctions against Russia is a Third World War and that it would be “a devastating nuclear war”, in declarations to Qatar’s Al Jazeera television.

The statement comes after the US president assured that American troops would not fight in Ukraine and would only defend NATO territory.

10:52 PM (ET) Tuesday. March 1: Is reported that Russian troops took the port and trains station of Kherson after an intensive bombardment. CNN says that Russian forces appear to have taken the city.

“The Russian military appears to have taken central Kherson, screenshots posted to social media and a video obtained by CNN show,” said the news outlet, who informed that it verified the images independently.

9:30 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: President Joe Biden ensures in state of the union address that American troops will not fight in Ukraine, will only defend NATO territory

9:23 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The United States closes airspace to all Russian planes

9:15 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) says that Vladimir Putin apparently launched the “largest airborne assault of the invasion” in the city of Kharkiv

8:48 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Is reported that Russian forces landed in Kharkiv, starting a ferocious battle between invaders and defenders

7:56 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Is reported that Belarussian troops are ready to be deployed and are stationed on the Ukrainian border

7:44 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Wall Street Journal reports the United States will close its airspace to Russian planes

7:28 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Ukrainian authorities inform they foil assassination attempt against Zelinsky

4:20 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Turkey says that Russian demands are “unrealistic” forecasts no new talks between both countries on Wednesday

4:14 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Slovenian consulate in Kharkov was destroyed after Russian military attacks on the city, according to information from the Slovenia Foreign Ministry

4:01 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The EU prohibits the broadcasting of Russian state media Russia Today and Sputnik

2:30 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The Republican representative Victoria Spartz, a Ukrainian native, shows her support to her native country.

2:24 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The United Kingdom imposes the first barrage of sanctions against Belarus due to their aid of the Russian invasion to Ukraine, announced the UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

1:43 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: A Venezuelan joins the war to defend Ukraine: “In light that I cannot do the same for my country, I’ll do it for Ukraine, a country that has given us a lot”

12:48 PM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: With 637 votes in favor, Zelensky gets the support of the EU Parliament for Ukraine’s membership

11:51 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: President of Ukraine Volodymir Zelensky denounces that the world is “silent”

11:46 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The Minister of Defense of Ukraine attacks Russian disinformation campaign: “We’re at Kyiv! We don’t surrender!”

11:43 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Ukraine asks Russia to not destroy the Kyiv cathedral. Moscow announced an attack against the Ukrainian capital and warned the civilian population to leave

11:36 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The International Energy Agency reports that its 31 member states agreed to release 60 million barrels of their strategic reserves to ensure there are no shortages as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

11:24 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The European Human Rights Tribunal grants provisional measures and asks Ukraine to “abstain of military attacks against civilians and civilian goods

11:20 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Company in charge of Nord Stream 2 pipeline is on the verge of bankruptcy, according to Reuters

10:29 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Russia attacks transmission tower of Kyiv TV

10:20 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Zelensky gives an impassionate speech at EU parliament session, asks for help, and requests EU membership

10: 12 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: Hungary joins the initiative of eight other EU countries supporting Ukraine’s candidacy for EU membership.

9:55 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: European Parliament welcomes the Ukrainian application to enter the European Union

8:59 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: UN Diplomats walk off the chamber as Russian representative Serguei Lavrov prepared to speak

8:45 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The EU disconnects Russian banks from SWIFT

8:43 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: The president of Ukraine Volodmir Zelensky insists on the need to close the skies over Ukraine.

8:40 AM (ET) Tuesday, March 1: According to the UNHCR 520,000 people have fled Ukraine to the neighboring countries of Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia

7:23 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: The press secretary of the Pentagon said the United States will not establish a “no-fly zone” in Ukraine

The position of the United States looks to avoid an escalation of the conflict with Russia.

6:54 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: “Russia used a vacuum bomb,” denounced the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S.

4:28 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: the hardware of Starlink, of Elon Musk, is already in Ukraine, informed Mykhailo Fedorov, minister of digital transformation of Ukraine.

4:17 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: Air raid sirens sound again in Kyiv, according to reports. Residents are asked to go to nearest shelter immediately

4:12 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: Russia threatens countries that give military aid to Ukraine

According to a report by Reuters, Russia’s foreign ministry said on Monday that those supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine will bear responsibility should they be used during Russia’s military campaign there.

4:03 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: Ministry of Foreign Relations of Russia said that those countries that supply lethal weapons to Ukraine will bear responsibility in case they are used during the ongoing invasion.

3:45 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: United States expells twelve Russian UN diplomats for conducting “undiplomatic activities.”

3:41 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court will open an investigation over war crimes perpetrated during the Russian invasion of Ukraine

1:45 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: FIFA and UEFA officially announced that all Russian teams, both national and clubs, will not be able to participate in international tournaments until further notice.

“Football is fully united here and in full solidarity with all the people affected in Ukraine. Both Presidents hope that the situation in Ukraine will improve significantly and rapidly so that football can again be a vector for unity and peace amongst people,” says the press release of FIFA

1:38 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: Learn which were Vladimir Putin’s petitions to put an end to his invasion of Ukraine

1:34 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: Croatia joins the list of countries sending weapons to Ukraine

Croatia will send weapons and protective material valued at 16,5 million euros to Ukraine, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Defense, Mario Banozic.

Furthermore, an unknown number of Croats have traveled to Ukraine to fight as volunteers against the Russian invasion.

12:36 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: The Ukrainian president, Volodymir Zelensly, signed the application for EU membership

12:31 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: It is reported that Finland is preparing to send 2,500 assault rifles, 150,000 ammunition cartridges, 1,500 anti-tank charges, and 70,000 rations to Ukraine

12:25 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: State Department asks American citizens to leave Russia “immediately”

12:06 PM (ET) Monday, February 28: Reports of explosions in Kyiv continue, despite peace talks

11:59 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: The first round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine come to an end

Talks between Russia and Ukraine, conducted in Belarus, have just ended. Mikhaylo Podolyak, an advisor of Ukraine’s president, said that both parties have returned to their capitals for consultations.

The meeting lasted six hours and both parties will meet again in the following days

11:38 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: Russia is out of the World Cup

It is reported that FIFA would make an “imminent” decision to expel Russia from the 2022 Qatar World Cup

10:58 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: Russia closes its airspace to 36 countries

The state aviation agency of Russia closed its airspace to airlines of 36 countries, including Europe and Canada.

10:52 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: Ukraine asks to exclude Russia from Interpol

10:39 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: Macron talks to Putin, about respecting three points for peace

Macron demanded Putin to stop all attacks and bombings against the civilian population and the residential areas, preserving civil infrastructure and ensuring the integrity of highways

10:03 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: Mayor of Kupyansk in Kharkiv Oblast charged with treason for collaborating with Russia.

Hennadiy Mazehora allegedly cooperated with Russian forces, according to Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova. She accused him of offering support to the troops occupying his city and ceding control to them.

9:52 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: The United States suspends operations of its embassy in Minsk, Belarus.

9:24 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: Belarus assured Zelensky that it will not send missiles to Ukraine.

9:19 AM (ET) Monday, Feb. 28: Negotiations begin

The meeting between the delegations in Belarus began shortly before 1 p.m. Kyiv’s time (6 a.m. ET) on Monday. The Ukrainian delegation includes several high-ranking officials, but not President Zelensky. Ukraine demanded an “immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops.”

9:15 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: Switzerland freezes assets of Putin, Lavrov, and several ministers.

The Swiss government today announced the freezing of the assets of Russian President Vladimir Putin, his prime minister, Mikhail Michoustine, his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, and other members of his cabinet.

9:00 AM (ET) Monday, February 28: Japan approves $200 million in support for Ukraine.

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