From Flea Market to Owning FL’s Largest Uniform Manufacturer: The Success Story of Cuban-American Moises de Paz

Defying language barriers, Moises de Paz arrived in the U.S. with no money, but opted to chase the American dream, first selling clothing in the streets to now owning one of the largest clothing manufacturers in the U.S. This is his story

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For Cuban-born Moises de Paz, adversity has only meant being one step closer to success. El American sat down to talk with the founder and president of All Uniform Wear, who exemplifies the great story of the American Dream.

This Cuban exile arrived in Miami in 1979. Virtually penniless, he was able to make some cash by selling maps and other articles in the streets of Spain, a brief layover on the trip to freedom from communist Cuba.

Moises remembered how friends immediately recommended places of employment for him. “I didn’t come to this country to work for anyone else”, he quickly told them. They thought he was crazy. After all, he did not speak English and had a family, with whom he ventured on a self-employment escapade that seemed surreal.

Yet, selling numerous consumer articles, first in the streets of Miami and later in Hialeah’s Flea Market, launched an adventure that eventually allowed him to open on borrowed money, a clothing business that eventually focused on uniforms.

Today, All Uniform Wear is possibly Florida’s largest uniform supplier, with a notable business presence all throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Moises and Nelly de Paz’s daughters and their husbands, together, run this impressive supplier and distributor for anyone needing a uniform to work.

Moisés de Paz junto a su familia. (All Uniform Wear)

Don’t miss this remarkable success story of the American dream, told by none other than its protagonist, Moisés de Paz; and take a walk with El American through the establishment and meet many of the people who make this story live on.

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