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The Moral Obligation of the World’s Migrants to Defend the United States

La obligación moral de los migrantes del mundo de defender a Estados Unidos

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You may never have set foot in the United States, you probably don’t have a visa, and you may not be planning to go to the land of the free anytime soon, but no matter where you are, what your short, medium and long term goals are, and what country you have left for, whether by opportunity or necessity, you have a moral obligation to defend the United States and its system.

You may ask yourself at this point, but why? What has the U.S. done for me? The country may not have benefited you directly, but it has surely benefited a fellow American; millions of people have settled in the land of opportunity to send remittances to their home nations, to have the lives they could not have because of corrupt and statist Latin American governments, because of famine in Africa or wars in the Middle East.

Whether or not America has provided you with a direct benefit, you have a moral obligation to defend the United States, because as long as the North American country remains standing, with solid institutions and its capitalist system running, the free world can count on a great ally, on a generous nation that despite internal earthquakes always looks for ways to help the international community.

Moreover, as long as the United States maintains a thriving economy you will have the hope that no matter what happens in your home country, or in the transitory one to which you had to emigrate, there will be a place in the world that can welcome you and your dreams, where you can work and receive fair pay for your labors, and where you will not have to depend on handouts from politicians to survive.

Now, it is true, the United States is not far from danger, in fact, in the last decades the intervention of the State in the economy and in the lives of the citizens has increased quite drastically and dangerously, one of the two members of the bipartisan system is increasingly leaning to the extreme left, and socialism is no longer just a ghost in these parts, it is now a real monster walking around the Capitol in Washington.

Capitol - El American - defend the United States
The Capitol (Archive)

The American academy, the institutions, the media have suffered an enormous intrusion of actors with strongly marked Marxist agendas, the story that ruined Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, and other countries, that of taking from the rich to give to the poor has become omnipresent, and that is why it is indispensable that you, who have lived through all the misfortunes caused by state interventionism, who know what it is like to have a government that persecutes, censors and destroys free citizens, and that appropriates private resources to manage them as it pleases, warn your network of contacts, no matter where you are, of the dangers of this changing landscape and narrative in the land of liberties.

During the last decades the United States has been the pillar of protection of democracies in the world, it has invested an infinity of resources, both human and economic, to preserve the institutional order in the American continent and also beyond the puddle. In fact, Europe was able to rebuild itself after the war thanks to the United States and the Marshall Plan, and today there are almost no nations that do not owe part of their development to cooperation, donations or favors from the world’s leading power.

That is why I insist, even if you have never visited the United States, nor plan to do so in the short term, do not hesitate to defend their system in southern Patagonia or in the streets of Istanbul, no matter where you are or what your future plans are, a message from you on social media makes the difference, fighting the lies of Marxism in an elementary school in Lima makes the difference, standing up to misinformation and indoctrination at a political rally in Barcelona makes the difference; never doubt your ability to be a transmitter of the cause of freedom, believe me, the world needs more people committed to the truth.

Rusia and China are going for the United States

Today, the main enemies of the United States, such as Russia and China, have abandoned the communist and socialist systems that reigned in their nations to embrace ambiguous state-capitalist models -with various components that we will not analyze here-, Marxist positions have been left in the past, but that does not inhibit them from continuing to ally with the governments and socialist tyrannies of the world to try to break the established order in the United States, ruin its economy and overthrow its world leadership.

That is why no matter where you are, you have a moral obligation to defend the United States, not only for what it represents as a nation, but for what it represents as a beacon of freedom in the world.

Migrant receives American citizenship (EFE)

As long as the United States is a free nation, the rest of the world can count on an ally that will seek to transform other societies for the better; if, on the other hand, tomorrow it is China and Russia who take the baton of the new world order, we will see the tyrants and terrorists of the world being guarded by the Chinese Communist Party and the Moscow authorities destroying the citizens with the approval of the international community.

Emmanuel Rincón is a lawyer, writer, novelist and essayist. He has won several international literary awards. He is Editor-at-large at El American // Emmanuel Rincón es abogado, escritor, novelista y ensayista. Ganador de diversos premios literarios internacionales. Es editor-at-large en El American

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