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More Than 100 U.S. Citizens Still Stranded in Afghanistan

Más de 100 ciudadanos americanos siguen varados en Afganistán

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A senior State Department official said on Monday that there are still about 100 U.S. citizens and permanent residents in Afghanistan who want to leave the country, but it is difficult to evacuate them because of the lack of cooperation from the Taliban.

The official explained that since August 31, when the withdrawal of international troops was completed, the U.S. government has helped at least 85 U.S. citizens and 79 permanent residents to leave the country.

There are still at least 100 U.S. citizens or permanent residents in Afghanistan who are “ready to leave” the country, and helping them do so is “the top priority” of President Joe Biden’s administration, according to the source.

Two obstacles are hampering the operation to get them there, the official explained: “The unpredictability of the Taliban in who they allow to leave” and “the absence of regular commercial air service,” and the United States is addressing those two issues directly with representatives of the insurgent group in Doha.

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