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Disney Under Fire As Most Americans Reject Their ‘Gender’ Agenda

Disney, El American

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A huge majority of Americans are less likely to use Disney services now that the franchise is looking to expose children to sex and gender-charged content, according to a recent survey.

The study, which was conducted by The Trafalgar Group found that 68.2% of Americans would be “less likely” to “do business” with Disney, while only 9.4% would continue to consume its products despite sexual content.

The results are overwhelming across the political spectrum. When dividing the responses according to the political party affiliation of the respondents, it turns out that 48.2% of Democrats would be less willing to consume Disney content, as would 85.3% of Republicans.

However, only 14.4% of Democrats would be more likely to consume Disney content if there were such a shift toward sexually charged content. In fact, 37.4% of Democrats surveyed would be indifferent.

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On the other hand, only 4.4% of Republicans would choose to consume such content and 10.3% would not mind at all.

Overall, 69.1% of respondents would be willing to support alternatives to Disney whose content is kinder and more family friendly, compared to 30.8% who find this unlikely.

It should be noted that 39.3% of the respondents were Democrats, 35.6% were Republicans and 25.1% were independents.