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Most Americans Back to Normality, Gallup Poll Finds


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65% of Americans feel that they have resumed normal lifestyle after the pandemic. This is in contrast to the rest of the world, which remains restrained, masked and socially distant. This was revealed in a new Gallup poll.

In that sense, only 18% of Americans say they still practice social distance. According to the study, the majority of respondents said their socializing has returned 15% to normal, compared to the last Gallup survey on the subject conducted last June.

Social distancing, facemasks and return to normal lifestyle

Similarly, the use of masks declined significantly among fully vaccinated Americans. In May, masks were worn by 90% of vaccinated citizens, while in June that percentage stood at 77%. However, citizens indicated that their lives have not returned to normal with respect to activities such as entertainment and travel.

Finally, the study showed that only 5% of Americans practice self-isolation because of the pandemic.

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