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‘Most Tribes are Poor Due to Socialism’: Native American Activist Merissa Turcotte

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Native American activist Merissa Turcotte, a member of the Saginaw Chippewa tribe, spoke with our chief correspondent, Anna Paulina Luna, about the conservative values of American tribes and the danger posed by the advance of the Democratic left.

Turcotte, who heads the Broken Arrow movement, began her political activism because she noticed that her traditions “of individual freedom and sovereignty” were under attack. The activist believes that thanks to the left’s woke ideology, young Native people “are turning their backs on their traditional values.”

“I think most tribes live in poverty and that’s due to socialism,” Turcotte said. “I see socialism as a failed structure across the country, on [Indian] reservations. I’ve never thought socialism would work because of the state of reservations around the United States.”

The influencer stresses that entrepreneurship is “part of the nature” of Native communities, and says she does not understand how socialist narratives have penetrated the thinking of American tribes.

In addition, Turcotte highlights that the support received by the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential election from Native communities is due to their rejection of former President Donald Trump.

However, Jill Biden recently visited the Saginaw Chippewa community to promote vaccination and facemask mandates, and Turcotte took the opportunity to express rejection of such measures.

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