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LA Mothers Rally Against Political Pressure to Vaccinate Children

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Mothers in Los Angeles protested Wednesday against the pressure to vaccinate their children. Anthony Cabassa, the correspondent for El American, spoke with several of the protesters and heard their testimonies.

Cecilia, one of the mothers, assured that one of her daughters belongs to the Los Angeles Unified School District and is being pressured to receive the COVID-19 shot. “I actually received three phone calls, two from staff members and the last one I received was from the principal trying to hear from my own words the reason why I didn’t want my daughter to get vaccinated,” the mother explained.

Pressure to vaccinate their children

The mother recounted that her daughter “got pointed out once because she was not vaccinated. She was also told by the principal that she can get the vaccine without my consent, pretty much saying: “you can get vaccinated without your parents knowing and that’s going to be okay. We have very open communications so she explained that she didn’t want to get it and that she was not going to get it, and that if he had any other questions to talk to me.”

pressure to vaccinate - el american
Mothers in LA have protested against pressure to vaccinate their children. (Flickr)

Finally, she indicated that she resented the pressure from the school. “My first reaction was to call the school and the principal was not able to answer, but he actually returned my phone call, and after so much of a conversation, he asked me why I didn’t want to get my daughter vaccinated. I explained why, and he said that he can give me information from their medical team,” she said.

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