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U.S. Murder Rate Increased 29.4 % During 2020

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The FBI documented a 29.4 % increase in murders in the United States in 2020, which is the largest increase since this record has been kept for six decades, according to a report released Monday by the agency.

Despite overall crime declined last year, there were 4,901 more murders than in 2019. However, the 2020 total of 21,570 murders falls short of the records set in the early 1990s, when 25,000 were reached in 1991.

There were 6.5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants in 2020, 40 % less than in the 1980s and 1990s. Violent crimes grew by 5.6 % last year and assaults by 12 %, while crimes against property decreased by 7.8 %.

Regarding the major cities in the country, in New York there were 500 murders in 2020 compared to 319 in 2019, although these figures are far from the worst year for the city, 1990, when more than 2,200 were counted.

Chicago had 771 murders in 2020 versus 500 the previous year. Its worst year was 1992, when there were 939 such crimes.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles had 351 murders last year, compared with 258 in 2019. The highest number of murders in this city was in 1980, when there were 1,010.

According to FBI data, most of the murders were perpetrated with firearms, 76 % of the total, compared to 73 % in 2019.

In addition, in terms of victims, 9,913 were African American in 2020; 7,029 white; 497 people of other races; and 315 of unknown race, according to available data. The text also indicates that 14,146 men and 3,573 women were killed that year.

The report is compiled from data provided by the country’s law enforcement agencies, but they are not required to provide it.

In 2020, some 15,897 agencies of the more than 18,619 in total submitted their statistics to the FBI, representing an 85 % share.

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