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NBC News Criticizes DeSantis for Vaccinating Seniors But Stays Silent on Cuomo-Gate

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An odd NBC news article titled “Florida governor accused of playing politics with Covid vaccine” was heavily criticized over the weekend on social media.

The article, published on Thursday, and written by Corky Siemaszko, claims that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL)’s coronavirus vaccine distribution plan has been “marked by chaos” and “critics say he’s been quick to recognize the political gold in those precious doses” because the Republican governor “ignored federal guidelines and prioritized getting seniors citizens” vaccinated first.

“What an absurd botched hit piece,” responded Republican strategist Matt Whitlock, who joined the voices of several readers who dismissed the article. They also believe the mainstream American media is fearful of the governor, who is expected to run for president in the near future, according to Fox News.

Florida’s pilot program, launched earlier this month by the governor, will give home bound seniors access to vaccinations against the virus, with an emphasis on Holocaust survivors.

According to DeSantis, about 1,500 doses of vaccine have been reserved per week with about 750 set aside for Holocaust survivors.

“Not everyone can go somewhere in their car, not everyone can go to the hospital. Some people have family members who can help them, not everybody has that all the time, so we thought it was important to fill a niche,” DeSantis said.

The American liberal media criticized DeSantis for prioritizing the vaccination of elders, while they have devoted virtually no airtime to report on the deaths occurring in nursing homes in New York, following orders issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo to admit them despite the risk of contagion, something that even the Democratic representatives of the state of New York have criticized.

In addition, the governor is facing investigations by the FBI for withholding information on the matter and for having made up the numbers of coronavirus deaths in his state. Even so, coverage of what is happening in New York has been extremely low, and instead they have used the airtime to criticize Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for traveling to Mexico, or DeSantis for prioritizing the vaccination of the elderly.

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