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Nearly 200 Migrants Found in Trucks in North Mexico

Casi 200 migrantes son localizados en camiones al norte de México

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Almost 200 people traveling through Nuevo León, in northern Mexico, as undocumented migrants were found by local authorities and handed over to the National Migration Institute (INM).

The undocumented immigrants were detained in two separate incidents and four men who were in charge of their transportation were also arrested.

The first case took place in the municipality of Cadereyta, some 26 miles from Monterrey when state police officers noticed a truck with license plates from the neighboring state of Coahuila that was speeding.

The events occurred around 7:40 p.m. on Saturday (00:40 GMT on Sunday) when the unit was traveling on the highway to Reynosa almost at its intersection with Las Misiones Avenue, in the Lazaro Cardenas neighborhood.

The uniformed officers stopped the vehicle that was marked “Especializados Friogar S.A. de C.V.” and when approaching for a check they noticed the crying of a minor that was coming from inside the truck.

At the scene, they located 83 migrants of different nationalities. They arrested Jorge “N”, 28 years old, the driver of the unit, and Cristian “N”, who was identified as the man who allegedly charged them for transporting them and crossing the border.

In Santa Catarina’s municipality, Fuerza Civil and the Federal Ministerial Police members located 108 migrants inside a trailer on the Monterrey-Saltillo highway.

The events occurred shortly after 9 am this Sunday when the police searched the unit and found more than a hundred migrants of different nationalities transported in the vehicle’s refrigeration box.

The driver of the trailer, identified as Sergio “N,” 31, and his companion Daniel “N,” 39, were arrested at the scene.

In less than 24 hours, both events took place, and a total of 191 migrants of different nationalities were handed over to the INM.

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