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Netanyahu: ‘Going Back to the Old Agreement Will Pave Iran’s Path to a Nuclear Arsenal’

Israel opposed the deal and commended President Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement.

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Israel spoke out today against the possibility of the United States returning to the Iran nuclear deal, following yesterday’s offer by the White House to restart negotiations with Tehran.

“Israel remains committed to preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons and its position on the nuclear deal has not changed,” a statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s office said today.

The statement warned that “going back to the old agreement will pave Iran’s path to a nuclear arsenal” and explained that his office is in contact with the United States on this issue.

This statement comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement by the U.S. State Department that “the United States would accept an invitation from the European Union High Representative to attend a meeting of the P5+1 and Iran to discuss a diplomatic way forward on Iran’s nuclear program.”

A day before that announcement Netanyahu held his first conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden since he took office last month and, among other things, they discussed the Iran nuclear deal.

Israel has always been a fervent opponent of the deal and in 2018 welcomed Washington’s withdrawal from the agreement and commended the Trump Administration’s reimposition of economic sanctions on Tehran.

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Apart from the United States and Iran, the agreement, signed in 2015, was signed by the European Union, Russia, and China.

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