Netflix suspende a tres empleados por irrumpir en junta de ejecutivos pidiendo cancelar a Dave Chappelle

Netflix Suspends Three Employees for Demanding Cancelation of Dave Chappelle

The workers showed up (virtually) at Netflix’s quadrennial business review, which brings together the top 500 positions, even though they were not invited

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Netflix suspended three employees who barged into a virtual meeting between company executives to call for the cancellation of “The Closer,” a tape by comedian Dave Chappelle in which he makes jokes about certain positions of the LGBT community.

The workers showed up (virtually) at Netflix’s quarterly business review, which brings together the top 500 positions, despite the fact that they were not invited, so the company opened a file.

“It is absolutely untrue that we suspended any employee for tweeting about the show. We encourage our employees to show their dissent openly and support their right to do so,” a company spokesperson said.

“The Closer,” a show produced by popular comedian Dave Chappelle, premiered on Netflix last week and has been criticized by a minority group of progressive employees.

In the film, Chappelle claims that the trans community has “very thin” skin, and supports the messages in which writer J.K. Rowling defended her “TERF” stance.

Likewise, the comedian criticizes the so-called “cancel culture.”

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Ted Sarandos, founder of Netflix, came to Chapelle’s defense.

“As with other talent, we work hard to support her creative freedom, though that means there will always be content on Netflix that some people believe is harmful,” he explained in an internal statement released by Variety.

“We don’t allow titles that incite hate and violence and we don’t believe ‘The Closer’ crosses that line,” he justified.

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