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Nevada Democratic Party Staff Resign After Socialists Sweep Leadership Positions

A study by The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports revealed that 75% prefer the free market, and 11% favor socialism

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A crisis looms in the Democratic Party after militant socialists swept leadership positions in Nevada.

An article on The Intercept reported on Monday, March 8th, that “the state’s entire Democratic Party staff decided to resign after the Democratic Socialist slate won all the seats.”

According to the report, Nevada Party Director Alana Mounce announced her resignation after socialist Judith Whitmer took over as Chair. Also resigning with Mounce were all other staffers and all consultants.

That included the party’s operations director, research director, communications director and finance director.

Progressives led by the Left Caucus won a majority on the state Democratic caucus this summer.

“I knew I couldn’t work with her and watch her destroy the years of hard work that so many operatives put in to make our state party the best state party in the country,” said an anonymous staff member who resigned.

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The mass exodus of party staff did not surprise the new chairwoman, who told The Intercept “We were prepared for it.”

Judith Whitmer with socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. (Facebook)

The dispute between the resigning staff and the new leadership arose in 2016 when the former supported Hillary Clinton while the socialists backed Bernie Sanders.

Back in 2020, Sanders became the big winner of the Nevada caucus when he sought to run for president of the United States. During the preliminary count he almost surpassed 50% of the support with the Latino and African-American vote.

Advance of socialism within the Democratic Party

Socialists like Sanders or the new president of the party in Nevada, Judith Whitmer, consider that capitalism is “the origin of all evils,” a statement that causes fear even within the Democratic Party.

A study carried out by The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports revealed that 75% of those polled prefer the free market, while only 11% favor socialism.

The pollsters’ analysis concludes that taken together these results show that a majority of likely voters believe the United States should reject socialism and embrace free market economic principles.

“Only a small fraction of likely voters think the United States should abandon the free-market capitalist policies that are responsible for making the United States the wealthiest nation in world history,” said the nonprofit organization in charge of the study.

“Despite countless calls for more socialism among elites in the media and Hollywood, Americans are not interested in adopting the same socialist policies that have led to mass poverty wherever they have been tried,” the researchers conclude.

In an interview for El American, political analyst, writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza pointed to the leftist policies of the Democratic Party as the greatest evidence that they are cultivating a socialist hellhole in America.

“The Democratic Party’s policies reveal a new socialism: Medicare for All, is essentially socialized health care. The free college program which socializes higher education, the idea of basic monthly income which itself is the socialization of income; all of these seek to justify massive increases in state power over private industry. All these are signs that the Democratic Party is cultivating socialism and from one day to the next will seek to establish it in the United States,” D’Souza said.

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