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New Black Panther Party: Supremacy and Genocide

Nuevo Partido de las Panteras Negras, El American

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As part of the National Black Power Convention held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday, May 29th, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), a Marxist black nationalist and revolutionary movement, called for reparations and genocide against whites. The “black power” event coincided with the 100-year weekend anniversary of the lamentable 1921 racial riot in the Sooner State’s (Oklahoma) second-largest city.

The Tulsa Race Massacre, a lamentable occurrence where armed whites and blacks fought each other, leaving a death toll of 26 blacks, 10 whites and the destruction of 35 square blocks of the Greenwood section of Tulsa, known as “Black Wall Street”. To participate in that solemn occasion, hundreds of black Americans from numerous radical left-wing groups participated in the march with the NBPP being the largest. The extremists participating in the demonstration were all well-armed, as was reported by the local Tulsa Public Radio.

New Black Panther Party, El American
The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) (Flickr)

Among the heated racist rhetoric there were statements from speakers representing the ultra-left black extremists, captured in Twitter videos. “We’re pushing death to white supremacy, death to capitalism, death to imperialism, and death to fascism. We’re pushing an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a head for a head, and a life for a life.” The genocidal rant against whites and black supremacy espousal reached alarming levels of domestic terrorism concerns. “Because that time will come when there’s a rat-a-tat-tat… black Americans will kill everything white in sight,” stated another black supremacist in the event. 

The fact that the mainstream media has ignored this terrorist threat should surprise no one. After all, they have wholly accepted the nonsensical fallacies of communist Critical Race Theory (CRT). What is alarming is the fact that the FBI does not appear to be worried by these overt admissions of terrorist apologia which undermines public safety and republican self-government principles. The FBI’s expressed worries over white nationalist groups posing “domestic terrorism” threats is never empirically displayed with this kind of incitement to violence. The FBI appears to have been weaponized and is being instrumentally used by the ideological Biden-Harris administration and today’s Democratic Party.  

The revision of history and facts to accommodate ideology is subversive. The office of the presidency is doing exactly that. During an official visit to the mentioned 100th commemoration of the Tulsa Riot Massacre, President Biden unforgivably lied and distorted truths and events to acclimate CRT narrative with its socialist agenda to the occasion. Among the outrageous inaccuracies and bare-faced comparative forgeries, Biden altered the regrettable 1921 incident, drew an abominable analogy between the Tulsa Riot Massacre, the Charlottesville protests, and the January 6th Capitol Building breach.

New Black Panther Party, El American
US President Joe Biden wearing a protective face mask waves to the media as he departs the White House en route Tulsa, Oklahoma from the Ellipse in Washington, DC. (EFE)

Additionally, he was totally unfazed by the Marxist black supremacy armed demonstrations and their racist, hateful, and terrorist threat to 75% of the country that was delivered, literally, hours before he arrived in Tulsa and instead focused on the left’s favorite conspiracy theory bogeyman, “white supremacy.” 

Like a calibrated propagandist, Biden said on June 1st “What happened in Greenwood [a suburb of Tulsa] was an act of hate and domestic terrorism, with a through-line that exists today.” Determined to falsify history and empirical evidence for purposes of advancing Marxist CRT dogma, the president continued, “Just close your eyes and remember what you saw in Charlottesville four years ago on television. Neo-Nazis, white supremacists lighted torches, the veins bulging as they were screaming. Just picture what it was.” Complete and utter misrepresentation of the facts. Biden pounded on the misconstructions by adding that “terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not al-Qaeda, [but] white supremacists”.   

It is factually undeniable that the 2017 Charlottesville riots involved, as former President Trump correctly said, “very fine people on both sides” of the Confederate statue removal debate and he did, in fact, condemn white supremacy groups. During the ensuing riot, prompted by extremists on both sides of the ideological spectrum, Biden’s mischaracterization that it was a “Neo-Nazi”, “white supremacist” orchestrated scheme is false. The claim that Islamic terrorism, with its abundant executed manifestations of barbaric acts against Americans, is less of a threat then unidentifiable, non-existent white nationalist domestic terror organized and actively functional groups, is morally reprehensible.  

History and historiography are two different things. The former is the study of the past. The latter deals with interpreting the past premised upon writings. Therein lies the problem. Biden-Harris are functionally doing the bidding for the left. Marxist CRT is their epistemological paradigm. Thus, the analytical rendition of events they offer are formulated to fit the established scholarly-laundered premise that cultural Marxism establishes with its bogus victimizer/victim, oppressor/oppressed claims. 

This explains why communist groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and NBPP, with their terror-riddled connection with fact-based extremist violence, go unchallenged by the current administration or its top national police agency. It is not like the press will call them out for moral inconsistencies. These ultra-left movements are the militias of the Democratic Party. Curiously, during the era of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots, the Democrats had another extremist band of militant warriors doing their dirty work: the Ku Klux Klan. 

Julio M Shiling, political scientist, writer, director of Patria de Martí and The Cuban American Voice, lecturer and media commentator. A native of Cuba, he currently lives in the United States. Twitter: @JulioMShiling // Julio es politólogo, escritor, director de Patria de Martí y The Cuban American Voice. Conferenciante y comentarista en los medios. Natural de Cuba, vive actualmente en EE UU.

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