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New Queen of Pop? Historic Week for Taylor Swift

¿Nueva reina del pop? Semana histórica para Taylor Swift

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Since last Friday, October 21, when Taylor Swift released her tenth original album Midnights, the American singer has been the topic of discussion by millions of users on social media and the most important outlets in the music industry. The reason? Her latest recording project has been a success. This Monday she managed to position herself in each of the top ten places of the famous “Billboard Hot 100”.

Billboard Hot 100

This is the most important list published by the magazine, along with the “Billboard 200”. It is a weekly compilation of the most popular music singles in the United States under a formula that combines radio, sales, and the number of digital plays.

In 64 years, no artist had achieved such a feat. Drake came close in 2021 by getting the top 9 spots on the chart after her album Certified Lover Boy.

This makes Swift the female artist with the most top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, with a total of 40 in her career. She surpasses Madonna, who has scored a total of 38.

Taylor’s tenth release is the best-selling studio album of the year. Surpassing artists such as Harry Styles, with whom she was in a relationship, and the Boricua Bad Bunny. If that wasn’t enough, Midnights debuted with the best sales week since Reputation in 2017, also of her authorship; and the best sales week regarding a vinyl album in our era.


New queen of pop? Historic week for Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Not everything has been rosy for the singer. The music video for her single Anti-Hero, now number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, earned her a wave of criticism. It alluded to the eating disorders she herself suffered as a result of comments about her weight. After being labeled a “fatphobe” for sharing her story, she resorted to editing the video and removing the scene from all platforms.

Music phenomenon or marketing mastermind?

Probably both. Taylor Swift is not only known for generating millions of dollars from her love disappointments, or the conflicts she has been involved in. She should also be recognized for being a talented singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and show-woman. She is also, as she calls herself, a mastermind of expectation.

This latest album had been announced just over two months ago at the MTV Video Music Awards. Along with a whole visual campaign for which she relied mainly on her digital platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. 

Midnights‘ runaway success is due, in no small part, to its fan community. Taylor Swift has achieved a network of support among “Swifties” like few other artists in the industry. Just take a look at the comments of millions of users on social networks, enthusiastic about the famous easter eggs that the singer uses to generate theories about the story behind her songs and upcoming releases.

Just the beginning?

When it seems that she has already managed to surpass historically all the artists in the industry, including herself, this Tuesday she announced on Good Morning America her new U.S. tour and promised an international one as soon as possible.

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What is curious -and fascinating- is that the tour does not only seek to cover her latest project, but her entire discography. In addition, several clues indicate that the re-recorded version of her third album Speak Now will be released soon, or at least it will be the next one.

After a couple of dramas in the industry, the singer seems to be back stronger than ever to make it to the top and ensure that this is only the starting point towards a legacy that will touch several generations.

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