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Putin, Zelensky and the New World Order: What Do They Stand For?

Putin, Zelenski and the New World Order: What Does Each Stand For In This War?

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Zelensky is a Nazi comparable to Adolf Hitler who for years has been exterminating the Russian population in the Donbas according to numerous social media bots, various political activists, and people with different ideological views. From the extreme left that considers that we still live in the era of the Soviet Union, to a minority, but boisterous group, of nationalist right-wingers who see in Putin the “savior” of Western civilization fighting against the so-called New World Order by allying with countries like North Korea, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and Syria, to destroy the Ukrainian people.

There is everything in this group of Putin worshipers, people who claim to oppose the left, but who yearn for a totalitarian regime to win the culture war through decrees, torture, and violence, and not through reason; and there is, of course, the left who have historically detested the Western order and yearn for the destruction of America. Interestingly, a good group of the American far-right, by their rejection of Biden’s policies— which I fully share—are now favoring a very dangerous anti-American narrative in the international spectrum.

Sputnik and RT are not the only Russian propaganda media today, it is seconded by their army of bots and disinformation campaigns that have also convinced two completely distant ideological groups that Putin is their hero, and all this has been penetrating a Western society increasingly dissatisfied with its institutions.

The 2030 agenda is abhorrent, the UN and various international organizations accompanied by the World Economic Forum have effectively become agents seeking the implementation of progressive/socialist policies on a global scale; and yes, a good group of political actors in our hemisphere support all of this, but that is no reason for us to wave the flags of Russia and China.

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I am not interested in Zelensky’s past or his local policies, what is at stake in this war is the sovereignty of a country that democratically elected its authorities, against a dictatorial empire that wants to impose a puppet there, as it has done in Belarus and in so many other nations in the last century.

To fight the New World Order, we must throw out of the institutions those politicians who support the 2030 agenda and want to build “egalitarian” societies increasingly kneeling before the power of the government, not idolize Russia and China and support the destruction of the West to feel better about ourselves.

Certainly—sociologically we are going through collective shocks that have clouded the reason of more than one, the West that the bureaucrats of the day want to build is obviously not the way to go, but much less will be societies like Russia or China, where individuals have no freedom of expression, are imprisoned and tortured for expressing themselves against their governments, and have a quality of life inferior to that of a good portion of Western nations.

Yes, we want and must change, but for the better, not for the worse. If the West is in decline, idolizing Putin and paving the way for the expansion of his and the Chinese regime would take us centuries backward in terms of human rights, individual and economic freedoms, as well as life expectancy.

Do you want to fight back? Take advantage of Western political junctures, where, fortunately, despite all the negatives we may encounter, we can still express ourselves with some freedom in the knowledge that the state police are not going to arrive in the dawn hours at our homes to take us to a dungeon for life or shoot us in the forehead.

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