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New York D.A. Appoints Team to Investigate Sexual Allegations Against Andrew Cuomo

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Sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will be investigated by two independent attorneys, state Attorney General Letitia James announced Monday night.

Joon Kim, a former federal prosecutor, and Anne Clark, an employment discrimination attorney, will be in charge of the cases and will report their findings weekly.

“This team is charged with conducting a thorough and independent investigation and the circumstances surrounding the sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo, including his administration’s handling of such matters,” James said in a statement on her social media.

James’ announcement came hours after the Republican minority in the New York Legislature announced that it will begin proceedings to impeach Cuomo.

“We are going to introduce this resolution because we believe the time has come. To lead this great state a governor needs to have credibility and trust and unfortunately we believe the governor has lost that and no longer has the ability to lead,” said Will Barclay.

In a social media announcement, Barclay alluded to the mismanagement of New York’s nursing homes during the pandemic, which is being investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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