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New York’s Democratic Socialists Demand Andrew Cuomo’s Immediate Resignation’

Cuomo is facing accusations of sexual abuse and woefully mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic

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The Democratic Socialists of New York, the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party, led by Ocasio-Cortez, called on Tuesday for the “immediate resignation” and start of an impeachment trial against the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, after “multiple allegations of sexual harassment” made against him.

In a statement, the organization expressed their solidarity with the three women, two of them former Cuomo collaborators, who have denounced inappropriate behavior by the politician.

Cuomo, also a Democrat, is living his darkest hours, also accused of mismanagement of nursing homes during the pandemic.

“It is clear that Governor Cuomo has used his position of power to harass and intimidate. There is no excuse for such behavior in government or anywhere else,” states the release, which calls on the politician to resign and on the state legislature to begin proceedings for an impeachment trial.

The release comes shortly after it was learned that state lawmakers have reached an agreement to limit the governor’s use of emergency pandemic powers.

The agreement was reached after criticism from members of Cuomo’s own party, which controls both chambers, over his handling of the nursing home pandemic and his administration’s alleged attempt to conceal the number of deaths in nursing homes, something being investigated by state and federal authorities.

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“The governor has shown that he is unfit to hold an office of government, and the legislature has an obligation to thoroughly investigate his abuses and grievances,” the release goes on to say.

For the time being, the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James will conduct an investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo.

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