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New York Mayor Threatens Retailers, Enforces Price Controls on Baby Formula

Eric Adams anuncia refuerzo policial en el metro de Nueva York

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency Sunday to rein in rising prices for baby formula, a product in unprecedented shortage across the United States.

Adams said the emergency executive order will help them crack down on any retailer seeking to “capitalize” on the crisis by raising prices.

The rule defines an excessive price increase as 10% or more above the usual price of a product, thus the mayor of New York imposes a price control on the product.

In recent weeks, finding powdered baby milk has been a challenge for parents in several states across the country.

The mayor’s statement says New Yorkers can file a complaint with the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) at nyc.gov/dcwp or call 311 and say ‘overcharge’ if they think they are being overcharged.

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According to the New York City Mayor’s Office, nationally, more than 40% of large retailers don’t have infant formula.