New York Will Put the Brakes on Most Evictions for Several Months

Critics of the measure claim that it doesn’t require tenants to demonstrate financial problems related to the pandemic, which is an incentive to simply not pay rent for a few months

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New York, 28 Dec (EFE).

New York State is going to ban most evictions in the coming months, in a move designed to protect tenants who are having trouble paying rent as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Democrat-controlled state Senate passed the measure on Monday and the Assembly (also in the hands of the Democrats) was scheduled to do the same throughout the day during a special session, while Governor Andrew Cuomo has already said he will sign it.

The new rule will prohibit virtually all evictions for 60 days, including those already in process, while allowing people having economic problems as a result of covid-19 or from restrictions imposed to combat it, to request suspensions until May 1st.

The law will stop evictions, but tenants will still owe debts accumulated during the pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the health crisis in March, New York State has tried to protect citizens from possible evictions, with various measures, including a moratorium approved by Cuomo and ending next Friday, although the governor has said he will extend it.

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Despite the executive order, some evictions have taken place in recent months and proponents of the new law hope that the legislation will be more effective in allowing people with economic hardship to remain in their homes.

Meanwhile, critics of the measure, including some landlord organizations, claim that it does not require tenants to demonstrate financial problems linked to the pandemic and therefore provides an incentive to simply not pay rent for a few months.

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