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State of New York Lifts Restrictions on Bars and Restaurants

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New York bars and restaurants will no longer have to close at midnight starting on Monday. This was one of the last remaining restrictions on the hospitality industry of all those imposed to combat the coronavirus.

“During May we have made great strides in reopening our economy and as of May 31 we will lift the midnight curfew for indoor service in bars and restaurants in New York,” confirmed state Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The measure, which had been previously announced, is in addition to the end of limited hours for terraces, which was already enacted this month.

New York has also lifted the capacity restrictions that prevailed for hospitality, entertainment and many other businesses such as retail stores, gyms and hairdressers, although restaurants must maintain the social distance of two meters unless they have screens that isolate dinners.

“Like the rest of our reopening milestones, the end of the curfew for indoor hospitality is the result of New Yorkers coming together, complying with precautions and getting vaccinated, so that we can defeat the virus and move toward a new normal,” Cuomo said.

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The governor also announced Monday that the rate of positive covid-19 tests has again reached a new low since the start of the pandemic.

The average of the last 7 days stood at 0.67% positive, after 71,242 tests were carried out on the last day with only 494 positives.