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New York Subway Shooting Suspect Frank James Charged with Terrorism

Acusan de terrorismo a Frank James: el sospechoso del tiroteo en el metro de Nueva York

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A federal grand jury has indicted Frank James, the suspect in the early April New York City subway shooting, on a charge of terrorist attack on a public transportation system.

James, 62, was also charged with the crime of discharging a firearm during a violent crime for the 33 shots he fired in a subway car on April 12.

If the suspect is convicted of the most serious charge (terrorism) he will face life in prison, while the other charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and a minimum of ten years.

The attacker threw two smoke bombs and began firing indiscriminately at the occupants of a subway car passing through Brooklyn during the morning commuter rush hour.

There were no fatalities, but ten people suffered gunshot wounds and thirteen others had to be treated for various injuries or poisoning sustained during the event, which caused chaos and paralyzed the subway system in the city.

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James was arrested a day after the attack and has been in police custody ever since, after a short court hearing in which he was denied bail.