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NYT Forced to Issue Retraction After Smearing The Babylon Bee as ‘Far-Right’

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The New York Times (NYT) responded to a demand letter by the satire website The Babylon Bee after months of defaming it as “extreme right-wing disinformation”. The New York Times reported that it removed the information about the media outlet.

The information was released by Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee. Dillon explained that the NYT informed his lawyer of the move.

“Originally, the article said we were a far-right disinformation site. It pointed to us as an example of a site improperly using the label of satire,” Dillon wrote on Twitter.

What did the NYT originally said about The Babylon Bee?

The New York Times removed the reference to the Bee from the article and added a correction. At the end of the article, the outlet wrote: “An earlier version of this article referred inaccurately to The Babylon Bee, a right-wing satirical website, and a controversy regarding Facebook’s handling of its content.”

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In June, The Babylon Bee asked The New York Times to retract the comments. This all stems from a March 19 article on Big Tech censorship that singled out satirical publications in the crosshairs of progressive content moderation.

In the article, NYT Technology correspondent Mike Isaac said The Bee was “far-right misinformation” that hid false comments under the guise of “satire” to escape false discourse.