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Dear J6 Committee, It Was Obama, Not Trump, Who Politicized the DOJ

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Yesterday’s January 6 hearings had a focus on the Department of Justice and alleged attempts by the Trump White House to politicize our nation’s top law enforcement body. As the anti-Trump committee showcased the testimony of former DOJ officials, I could not help but be mesmerized by the forgotten Obama DOJ and its weaponization. 

The Obama DOJ and Politics

In 2015, CATO exposed how Democrats were “using law enforcement to advance President Obama’s vision of industrial policy” by changing prosecutorial policies over financial conduct. This was done, I suspect, in an attempt to appease their anti-corporation following.

You may also read Forbes’s 2014 “Obama’s Weaponization of Government”. The Heritage Foundation’s 2009 “Panther Politicization at Obama DoJ” and 2011’s “Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder’s Voting Section”. While you are at it, also see Andre C. McCarthy’s well-researched 2010 book: How the Obama Administration has Politicized Justice. 

Have we also forgotten about the infamous FAST and FURIOUS, which ultimately led Obama’s AG Eric Holder to be held in contempt of Congress?

And please do not get me started on the Bush DOJ…

In Defense of Trump Pardons

Can we, as conservatives, faithfully criticize election integrity activists for seeking presidential pardons for their alleged role in fighting for election security in 2020? We have seen what Democrats and left-wing ideologues are capable of doing. Election integrity attorneys are being penalized with ethics complaints for their work. The left has demonized anyone and everyone who dare to oppose their agenda. 

Remember when George Papadopoulos was wrongfully prosecuted for allegedly lying to the Russian Collusion Hoax (It has been confirmed that there was no Russian collusion)? Remember when Justice Kavanaugh was falsely labeled as a serial “rapist” by the left? Remember when impeachment was introduced—not once, but twice—over politically-influenced claims?

Have we also forgotten how Dinesh D’Souza was harshly punished by the Obama DOJ over a “trivial campaign-finance” violation?

We are literally witnessing the weaponization of investigative bodies. Only fools would not try to protect themselves against these tactics.

I beg—once again—if there was a criminal plot to tear down our institutions, why are not hearing from our nation’s top law enforcement? Where are the criminal proceedings against these allegations? And, please, I am not referring to the prosecution of the unarmed J6 protestors. Why do we only get to hear from anti-Trump Liz Cheney and the DNC?

My inbox remains open.

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Luis Cornelio is the English Editor-in-Chief at El American. After graduating cum laude from the Colin Powell School for Civil and Global Leadership, he went on to intern at the Heritage Foundation. Most recently he served on President Donald Trump's re-election campaign, writing research articles on topics including law and order, immigration, and the Supreme Court. He also currently works as the Director of Communications for Got Freedom and researcher for the election integrity watchdog Amistad Project. A Dominican-American, he was granted U.S. citizenship in February 2020.
// Luis Cornelio es el English Editor-in-Chief de El American. Después de graduarse cum laude de la Escuela Colin Powell de Liderazgo Civil y Global, pasó a ser pasante de la Heritage Foundation. Recientemente, participó en la campaña de reelección del presidente Donald Trump escribiendo artículos de investigación sobre temas como la ley y el orden, la inmigración y la Corte Suprema. Actualmente trabaja como director de Comunicaciones de Got Freedom y es investigador para el grupo de integridad electoral, el Amistad Project. Un dominicano-americano, se le otorgó la ciudadanía americana en febrero de 2020.

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