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Neymar Calls Hypocrites Those Who Talk About Democracy But Criticize Him for Supporting Bolsonaro

Neymar reacciona a críticas por apoyar a Bolsonaro: "Hablan de democracia, pero cuando alguien tiene una opinión diferente es atacado"

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The soccer player Neymar, star of the Brazilian national team and French PSG, questioned on Friday the “attacks” suffered for having a “different” electoral opinion, after asking the day before to vote for the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, in the elections this Sunday.

“They talk about democracy and a lot of things, but when someone has a different opinion they are attacked by the very people who talk about democracy. Let’s see who understands that,” the Paris Saint-Germain striker said on his social networks.

Neymar posted a video on his official Tiktok account on Thursday, in which he appears dancing sitting down and smilingly singing an urban music song calling for a vote for Bolsonaro.

“Vote, vote and confirm. 22 is Bolsonaro,” say the lyrics of the song, which Neymar articulates, although the striker’s voice cannot be heard in the video.

In the Brazilian elections, each candidate is assigned a number, which the voter enters in the electronic ballot box, and 22 is the number that identifies the current president.

The video was posted on Neymar’s Tiktok account, which has 8 million followers, and also on the networks of Bolsonaro, who is running for reelection and faces former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at the ballot box.

“Re-election, hexa(world champion). Thank you, Neymar, Brazil above all! God above all!” Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Bolsonaro visited the Neymar Institute, run by the Paris Saint-Germain forward, located in the city of Santos. 

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