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NFL Legend Brett Favre Opposed to Mixing Sports and Politics

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National Football League (NFL) legend Brett Favre rejected the use of sports in politics. During a conversation with Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan, Favre argued that fans just want to know what’s going on in the game and not involve politics with sports.

“I think both sides, for the most part, want it to stay just about the sport, not the politics. I want to see all the important parts of the game, not what’s going on outside the game. I think the fan, in general, feels the same way,” Brett Favre said.

He further explained that players do not bring racial differences into the locker room. On the contrary, he explains, that’s a time for reunion for everyone on the team. “We were together on something. We fought together. We won together. We lost together. And we really were a family. So yes, to answer your question, we didn’t have any problems.”

Likewise, he indicated that, in his opinion, sport should be to unite citizens. He regretted that it is currently being used for the opposite. He indicated that more and more people are telling him that sport is no longer just about the games.

“Something has to bring us together. And the games or sports in the past have been sort of unifying. Now, it’s almost like a division,” the former player noted.

Sport and politics don’t mix

Recently, there has been an increase in political decisions in sports. Last week, Major League Baseball (MLB) decided to move the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta to Colorado is in response to the Georgia Election Law passed two weeks ago.

MLB - Brett Favre - El American
Politics in sport have increased its relevance recently with decisions such as MLB’s, something that Brett Favre criticized (Flickr)

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred made the announcement in a press release in which he said the decision reflected “our values as a sport. He said it was a decision they made to underscore MLB’s commitment to supporting “voting rights for all.”

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