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North Korea Claims Not to Have Sold Weapons to Russia for War in Ukraine

Corea del Norte asegura no haber vendido armamento a Rusia para guerra en Ucrania

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The North Korean regime has denied in a statement released today having exported weaponry to Russia to support its campaign in Ukraine, as suggested by the U.S. government.

“We have never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia and do not plan to export them,” assured the deputy director general of the North Korean army’s Equipment Office in a statement published by the KCNA news agency.

In early September, a State Department spokesman claimed that Russia could be in the process of purchasing “millions of rockets and artillery rounds” from North Korea, something that would be a violation of UN sanctions on the Zionyang regime.

“We have never recognized the illegal ‘sanctions resolutions’ of the United Nations Security Council against the DPRK (the country’s official name) which was devised by the U.S. and its vassals,” the unnamed North Korean military official said in the KCNA text.

“However, we take this opportunity to make this clear,” he added.

The North Korean military officer says that “it is unknown where the rumor that the U.S. is spreading originated” and claims that it is “damaging to the image” of North Korea.

The official condemns Washington’s attitude and warns it of the need to “keep its mouth shut.”


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