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NRSC Exposes Senator Kelly’s Lies in Scathing TV Ad

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released a new television ad exposing Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ)’s inconsistency. The NRSC shows Kelly’s voting record in favor of Biden’s policies in the ad. This new ad is released just over a month before the GOP primary in that state.

The new 30-second ad singles out Democrat Kelly for campaigning by claiming he is a “different” politician, but his voting record indicates he voted for Biden on 100% of his 2021 proposals and 97% so far in 2022.

How different is Mark Kelly?

Titled “AZ: Differently” and aired in both Spanish and English, the NRSC ad shows the relationship between Senator Kelly’s proposals and President Biden’s policies that have resulted in a mass exodus of voters to the Republican Party, especially from the Hispanic community.

“Politicians all claim they’re different,” says the narrator at the beginning of the ad, followed by a clip of Kelly assuring voters that he is “doing things differently.” Then the narrator continues, “Differently? Last year, no U.S. senator was more politically one-sided and loyal to Joe Biden than Mark Kelly.”

The narrator goes on to say that Mark Kelly is “different” only 3% of the time.

In this regard, NRSC spokesman T.W. Arrighi, suggested that Kelly misleads Arizonans by promising one thing and doing something different when it comes time to cast a vote in the Senate.

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“Whether it be his faux concern about the border crisis or his self-declared independence, Mark Kelly says one thing to Arizonans but does another in the U.S. Senate. His 97% voting record with President Biden is all the proof Arizonans need to vote him out of office”

The new ad against Kelly is part of an NRSC advertising project that includes $1.7 million earmarked for TV spots. It is the second Republican campaign ad to highlight the Democratic senator’s behavior. In late April, another release noted Kelly’s “cowardice” in Senate votes.