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Obama’s Big Party: A Hypocritical Tale of the ‘Sophisticated’ Democratic Elite

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A New York Times reporter’s response, when asked on CNN about former President Barack Obama’s massive party, has rightly caused great outrage. “It’s a sophisticated vaccinated crowd,” said Annie Karni, referring to what — according to her — some people think about the celebration.

“Sophisticated” is a good word to understand the underlying issue in all of this. There is an elite who feel they are smarter, so they use their power to force the people to live the way it occurs to them that we “unsophisticated” people should live.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” seems to be the phrase of many Democratic politicians. The blue party today is the party of the elites who see the majority as dumb people who must be controlled in even the simplest aspects of life. While them, the “sophisticated” elites with license to do whatever they please, enjoy life doing the opposite of what they impose on the people.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to realize what is happening here. While New Yorkers need a paper confirming that they are vaccinated to enter a restaurant, Obama throws a party with hundreds of people. While children are forced to wear masks in schools, the children of the Democratic elite can dance without masks at a huge party. While they still make it difficult for people to gather in their religious services, the sophisticated people dance without having to ask anyone’s permission.

To be clear, the problem is not that Obama parties and enjoys himself with his family and friends — hundreds of friends — good for him! The issue is that while this elite does what they want, they impose completely abusive measures on the people and take away the freedom of those who are not part of the “sophisticated.”

The call should not be for Obama and his elite friends to stop partying, the call is for the elite to stop preventing ordinary citizens from living their lives as they wish.

Anyone who believes in equality before the law should find it unacceptable that while the elites throw huge parties and the children of the “sophisticated” can dance without masks and with complete freedom — as they should — we see mothers crying at parents’ meetings as they shout ‘take these masks off of my child’ and explain the drama it means for a seven-year-old child to be all day long with a cloth covering his mouth and nose.

The Democratic Party is undoubtedly the party of the elites, increasingly distant from what the common citizen needs. It may be true that they are sophisticated, not for nothing do they brag saying that the less educated voted for Trump. If that is what they want to be — the sophisticated party of the elites — that is their business, but they should be clear that they are crossing a fundamental line for Americans, they are taking away people’s freedom and trampling on equality before the law.

Vanessa Vallejo. Co-editor-in-chief of El American. Economist. Podcaster. Political and economic analysis of America. Colombian exile in the United States // Vanessa Vallejo. Co-editora en jefe de El American. Economista. Podcaster. Análisis político y económico de América. Colombiana exiliada en EE. UU.

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