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AOC Asks Workers to Take Over Billionaires’ Means of Production

Ocasio-Cortez sugiere a los trabajadores que formen una cooperativa y se adueñen de los medios de producción de los billonarios

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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took to her followers via her Instagram account to talk about socialism, capitalism, and suggested workers take ownership of the means of production from billionaires.

“Unionize your workplace. Start a worker cooperative. If it’s too extreme for working people to own the means of production, why is it okay for private billionaires to own the means of production?” she asked.

The congresswoman further suggested that Americans really don’t understand about ideology, and that virtually no one can be a capitalist, because most “don’t have capitalist money.”

“Most people don’t really know what capitalism is. Most people don’t even know what socialism is. But most people are not capitalists, because they don’t have capitalist money. They’re not billionaires,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in an Instagram story.

Ocasio-Cortez is an enemy of capitalism. In February, during an interview with Yahoo, the congresswoman said that capitalism “is the absolute pursuit of profit at all human, environmental, and social cost. A lot of these price increases are potentially due to just straight price gouging by corporations. If we just allow a full just continuation of student loan payments, we are talking about a catastrophic development for millions,” she stated

When asked if she was really a socialist, the congresswoman refused to answer, however, she is part of the organization “Democratic Socialists of America.”

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