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VA Police Officer Fired for Donating to Kyle Rittenhouse’s Defense Fund

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In the spiraling Kyle Rittenhouse case, individuals who have supported the young man have been suffering persecution and censorship. This time, a Virginia police officer was fired for donating money to his defense fund.

According to the information, the officer’s donation included a note with the following text: “God bless you. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You have done nothing wrong.”

The comment also showed support from other officers: “All the rank and file police officers have your back.” “Don’t be discouraged by the actions of the political police leadership class.”

Another citizen also donated money to the young man. The civilian who donated is Craig Shepherd, who according to public records is a paramedic in Utah and donated $10 to Kyle Rittenhouse on Aug. 30.

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Kyle Rittenhouse is awaiting trial for the death of two violent protestors who attacked him (YouTube)

However, law enforcement officials are not the only ones who showed their support. In the civil service, the young man who fought back against Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa groups in Kenosha had several supporters.

For example, Keith Silvers, an employee of the city of Huntsville, Alabama, also made donations. Another $100 came from Michael Crosley, an engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who maintains the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal.

Kyle Rittenhouse, positioned as an extremist by the mainstream media, received 32 other donations totaling $5,000 from Kenosha officials. Their identities were not revealed, but they chose to identify themselves with their badges.

The event that brought Rittenhouse into the eye of the storm occurred last year during the Black Lives Matter riots.

kyle rittenhouse, segunda enmienda, black lives matter, antifa, kenosha
Kyle Rittenhouse used a rifle he owned to defend himself from an attack by members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. (Twitter)

Kyle Rittenhouse was in Kenosha defending local businesses and stores as BLM and Antifa groups were looting in the town. The young man was later ambushed by several armed members of the group, who threw him to the ground. One of the looters then took aim at Rittenhouse and Rittenhouse defended himself with a rifle he possessed.

Kyle Rittenhouse remains at home after posting a $2 million bail. This measure was ratified in February of this year by the judge in charge.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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