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French Socialist Political Scientist Olivier Duhamel Admits to Raping His Stepson

La Familia Grande,

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Socialist political scientist Olivier Duhamel, one of France’s most quoted analysts and academics, admitted on Wednesday to sexually abusing his stepson, French media reported.

Duhamel, according to France Info, was questioned by the Police Brigade for the Protection of Minors as part of the investigation opened on January 5 by the Paris Prosecutor’s Office for rape and sexual assault.

The inquiries were launched after his stepdaughter, the jurist Camille Kouchner, denounced these abuses in her book La familia grande.

Camille Kouchner stressed in that work that the events happened when her twin brother was a teenager.

The brothers, now 45 years old, are the sons of Bernard Kouchner, co-founder of Doctors Without Borders and French Foreign Minister (2007-10), but they grew up with Duhamel, second husband of their mother, Évelyne Pisier, author and professor of political thought who died in 2017.

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The controversy following the incest accusation prompted Duhamel, 70, to resign in January both as president the National Political Science Foundation (FNSP), the governing body of the prestigious Sciences Po University, and from other functions.

The academic is the son of an MP and in his career served as a member of the Constitutional Council between 1983 and 1995 and as a Socialist MEP from 1997 to 2004.

The accusation against him shook the country and led to the birth of a new #Metoo, in which other victims told on the networks their own cases of incest.

Duhamel was not the only well-known personality in the spotlight: producer Dominique Boutonnat, responsible for hits such as “Intouchables” (“Untouchables”) and president of the National Film Center (CNC), was arrested in February after being accused by his godson of sexual assault and attempted rape.

The Duhamel indictment also brought down philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, who was fired from the LCI channel for having asked on air if there could have been consent, and Sciences Po director Frédéric Mion, who resigned from his post in February after being reproached for not acting despite having been aware of the alleged abuses.

France Info radio station detailed on Wednesday that as the facts denounced by Kouchner have prescribed the political scientist can not be questioned under arrest nor be prosecuted, so there will be no trial, although the investigation continues in search of other potential victims.