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Around 20 Percent of Biden Voters Regret Their Vote, Poll Finds

Votantes, El American

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A new poll found that one out of five Biden voters in the 2020 presidential election now regret their choice.

According to data from Zogby Analytics, 20% of Biden voters say they regret their choice, while 76% say they stand by their vote. The remaining 4% said they were unsure of their answer.

When the data is broken down by age category, 27% of younger voters (ages 18-29) regret voting for Biden, as do 30% of middle-aged voters (ages 30-40). Interestingly, those over 50, at 10%, and those over 65, at 6%, are significantly less likely to regret their decision.

The data also indicate that 29 % of Republicans who voted for Biden in 2020 regret it, in contrast to 21 % of Democrats who also regret their decision. Independents, at 14%, are the least likely to regret entrusting their vote to the current president.

Hispanics were the ethnic group that most regretted giving their vote to Biden, with 33%, compared to 25% of African Americans and 16% of whites surveyed.

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On the other hand, 27% of men who voted for Biden regret it, as do 13% of women.

The poll, which sampled 2,173 Biden voters, was conducted online between August 5 and 13, days before the Taliban seized Kabul, just weeks after the completion of the disastrous withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Ten days after the poll was completed, other polls showed a drastic drop in President Biden’s popularity, especially after the Kabul airport bombing that left a hundred people dead, including 13 American soldiers.