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Founder of Nicaragua’s Liberal Party: Only Armed Struggle Can Remove Daniel Ortega From Power

Fundador del Partido Liberal de Nicaragua: solo una lucha armada puede sacar a Ortega del poder

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Ariel Montoya, founder of the Liberal Party of Nicaragua from his exile in Miami, believes that only an armed struggle can remove Daniel Ortega from power and misses the kind of figures like Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II to overcome the remnants of the “cold war.”

“There is no alternative left but armed action, whatever it is called: national war, foreign intervention or armed struggle. I know it is difficult to say this, but thousands of Nicaraguans think this way in the depths of their consciences”, he affirms in an interview with Efe.

Montoya stresses that next November’s general elections, in which Ortega aspires to obtain his fifth presidential term and the fourth in a row, “are already a given.”

“If there are international observers, they will be accomplices of Sandinismo,” he categorically affirms before asking the international community not to recognize the legitimacy of the November 7 elections.

“There is no truly anti-Ortega candidate; those who could oppose him are in prison and many have disappeared,” says Montoya, who was private secretary and press director of the now former president of Nicaragua, Enrique Bolaños (2002-2007.)

In the framework of the electoral process, Nicaraguan authorities have arrested opposition presidential aspirants Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastian Chamorro, Miguel Mora, Medardo Mairena and Noel Vidaurre, who are being investigated by the Ortega regime for alleged treason.

Two other opposition presidential hopefuls, María Asunción Moreno and former “contra” leader Luis Fley, left Nicaragua citing security reasons.

In addition, the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) has cancelled the legal personality of three opposition political parties on the ground that they violated the Electoral Law.

Photograph of what would be the last front page of the newspaper La Prensa in Managua (Nicaragua). The newspaper La Prensa, Nicaragua’s oldest, reported last Thursday that it will cease to circulate in its printed version as of Friday, due to the fact that the dictatorship, through the General Directorate of Customs, is withholding its paper. EFE

Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba; Latin America’s socialist regimes

“We are in a moment of implosion that points to a warlike confrontation to remove Ortega (from power); it is not what one wants but there is no other alternative,” says Montoya.

The founder and current secretary of the Liberal Party maintains that the Cold War has not ended, because “there are still offshoots like Ortega, who are satellites of Russia. He does not accept any internal dissidence and that makes him a despot and tyrant,” he stresses.

“All this is regrettable, but we need a Thatcher, a Gorbachev and a (Pope) John Paul II at this time. The International Criminal Court has already accused Maduro of crimes against humanity,” he says.

“But countries like Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile have not yet pronounced themselves. It is time for the international community to break with Ortega. Everyone must work with the resistance in their own trenches,” he points out.

According to Montoya, Nicaragua is immersed “in a war of hatred, blood, kidnapping, death, paramilitaries who go to people’s homes and rape them.”

“All this cannot be allowed,” insists Montoya, who arrived in Miami three years ago as a result of the death threats he received for having participated in the civic marches against Ortega’s tyranny, in which, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), at least 328 people died as a result of repression.

According to Montoya’s figures, the Central American country currently has more than 100,000 exiles.

Nicaraguans share with a great majority of Venezuelans and Cubans, that the totalitarian socialist regimes installed in their respective countries, will only be able to leave by force, because they have completely hijacked the institutions and military forces.

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