Colombian Elections: 100 Pro-Freedom Advocates Sign Open Letter Against Extreme-Left; Warn of Unprecedented Consequences

“Those of us signing this letter believe that Colombia is facing the most important political moment in its history.”

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In light of concerns about what may happen in Colombia in the presidential elections on May 29 — and in the event of the second round on June 19 — a group of prominent figures from around the world signed an open letter recommending Colombians to vote wisely against socialism.

More than 100 prominent journalists, businessmen, activists, politicians, and writers stated in the open letter that “The region cannot afford Colombia to fall into the clutches of the model that spread so much misery and crime throughout the region, during the golden years of 21st-century socialism and the São Paulo Forum.”

The letter is signed by figures such as American commentator Dinesh D’Souza, Spanish politician Esperanza Aguirre, Argentinian MP Javier Milei, former Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, Cuban activist and Sakharov Prize winner Guillermo Fariñas, Members of the European Parliament Hermann Tertsch and Victor Gonzalez, and Venezuelan opposition leaders María Corina Machado, Antonio Ledezma, and Diego Arria. The signees united to stress the importance of these elections in Colombia, which, according to them, are the most important elections in Colombia’s recent history because “the threat of Chavista-style socialism taking control is more real than ever.”

They also ask Colombians to support economic liberty and freedom of the press at the ballot box: “Those of us signing this letter believe that Colombia is facing the most important political moment in its history. Not only Colombians, but anyone who believes in freedom has the responsibility to prevent the extreme left from coming to power.”

Among the signatories are prominent figures from Brazil, the United States, Spain, Cuba, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, and Israel (from where the foreign policy director of Likud, the party of former PM Benjamin Netanyahu) signed the letter.

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Here is the letter and the list of signatories:

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