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Optimism Is Cowardice

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The early evening of the last U.S. presidential election presented a very encouraging picture for Donald Trump, but in the days that followed, with the early vote count and in defiance of the Benford Act, battleground states leaned in favor of his Democratic rival. There are reasons to be suspicious, and many; however, it has been illusory and irresponsible to raise the expectation that the Biden-Harris victory would be reversed. At most, the GOP can make plans for the midterms of 2022.

Don’t blame the Moiras…

The same characters who acquired notoriety selling snake oil about the possibility of military intervention in Venezuela (let’s affectionately call them “interventionists”) have dedicated themselves, since the beginning of last November, to sell snake oil about the possibility of an in extremis Trump victory through judicial means. The social media that had been filled with seductive geopolitical experts, today do so as “electoral lawyers.”

However, employing alternative media does not give rise to the use of “alternative facts.” The forces that make up the conservative camp (in the broadest sense of the term) must face a scenario where their greatest referent is evicted from power.

It is not to be suggested in any way that the difference between fraud and non-fraud is trivial, since the legitimacy of the American political system itself is at stake, but we need a warning against that which can generate false hopes. “You can deny reality, but you can’t escape the consequences of denying reality,” said Ayn Rand in what is perhaps her most felicitous phrase.

And the current reality, whether we like it or not, is that the Marines will not land on Venezuelan shores and that Joseph Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Saying this should not provoke hostile reactions. After all, we don’t bother with the doctor who tells us an unfavorable diagnosis. “The Moiras are not guilty of what they announce. They are just messengers,” writer Fernando Sánchez Dragó recently published on his Twitter account.

A sustained sabotage

There is no point in wondering what would happen if the situation were reversed. Progressivism is the system. Neither Trump nor any other conservative leader could do what the Democrats do. In the end, Biden did not win; the de facto powers did. The former Vice President is just a senile old man chosen to project an image of moderation as post-modern socialists take over the party that existed once under Kennedy.

The “fraud” began in 2016, and although at that time it was not enough to steal Trump’s election, it seriously questioned his legitimacy and limited his room for maneuver. Through Russiagate, the most successful conspiracy theory in recent history, the attempt to achieve a new détente with Russia was cut short. The foreign policy that the businessman had promised in his campaign was born wounded. Globalism, while advocating in favor of China, kept the Russian Bear as the geopolitical priority. A perfect excuse was created to force out uncomfortable figures like General Flynn. The industrial-military complex imposed itself on the popular will.

A battle was lost, not the war

Telling the truth against the spirit of the times and challenging what Scruton called the “intellectual hegemony of the progressive left” is a task that has never been easy. Pessimism is an attitude that leads to paralysis and inaction, that resigns us to believe in an inescapable fate; but optimism, my friends, is not much better. Optimism, Spengler writes lapidarily in the final passage of Man and Technics, is cowardice. It is prudent in an age like ours -marked by coaching and self-help- to warn against the latter, but this does not mean that we should succumb to the former. The alternative will always be realism. That realism which, in the words of Miguel d’Ors, is what most creativity requires. We will achieve nothing by self-deception.

Trump, even if he achieves an extraordinary result (he increased his popularity with almost every demographic group except the white working class), will be a one-term president. Brief but significant. His speech has emphasized “the national,” breaking the globalist consensus; he has returned the Schmittian distinction of friend and foe after decades of depoliticizing the end of history; and he has brought the right-wing out of its zombie economism of the 1980s. Without him, the rise of leaders like Bolsonaro and Salvini would have been almost impossible.

A battle has been lost, but not the war. The next will be to defend the Trumpian paradigm against those who seek to restore the Reaganite paradigm. That clash is already taking place with debates like the one R.R. Reno has starred in with Charles Cooke in the pages of Newsweek.

The anticipated declaration by Fox News of several key states on November 3rd is not a coincidence, nor are the early congratulations to Biden from the likes of Romney and the Bushes. The entire establishment, including the neocons, has been eager to remove Trump ever since he descended those escalators to crash like a wrecking ball into the building of political correctness. It is necessary to prevent this. If the right is to have a future, that future lies in sovereignty. Trump will pass, but the path has been marked.

Silvio Salas, Venezuelan, is a writer and Social Communicator, with an interest in geopolitics, culture war and civil liberties // Silvio Salas, venezolano, es un comunicador social interesado en temas de geopolítica, libertades civiles y la guerra cultural.

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